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I want you to watch me pee!

As you might know, I love to pee!! It is such good feeling. It is also so sexy to have someone watch you pee, or pee someplace you aren't supposed to be peeing at. I also love to be peed on, mostly by girls, but some guys too. I also like to pee on girls or guys, but not as much as I like to be peed on. I usually pee while I masturbate and sometimes wet, which is also a very sexy feeling. A typical weekend for me starts with me waking up, stroking my pussy, then peeing the bed while I cum hard!! I love the naughtiness of doing something that's not acceptable but is soooo pleasurable anyway!!

When I have sex with guys, i almost always pee while they still have their cock in me. So far, all of the guys I've been with find this increadibly sexy. Some of them invite me to parties for entertainment, because I will pee in front of anybody. I have many times gone to these parties, just to have the guys tell me to strip down and pee for the group. I love doing it. It is so hot to pee in front of a crowd like that. Of course, I have sex with someone by the end of the night, usually the friend that got me to pee for everyone. I get so horny from peeing that I want sex really bad.

I don't have a boyfriend, but I do have some guy friends that I have sex with from time to time. They love for me to pee, so if they want a quicky, I'll suck their cock and pee my panties while I do it. That gets them quick!!!

When I get real horny, I will go pee somewhere public and try to get away with it. I once peed my thong under a skirt at a crowded Burger King. That was very hot!!! One guy saw it, but I'm pretty sure he liked it.

All of my fantasies involve peeing somehow, so mail me with your peeing fantasies and I'll tell you my stories too. My #1 Fantasy is to have 20 girls stuck in a house with me for a weekend with no toilet. I would drink their pee down from their little cunnies, suck their piss though their panties while they peed, have them pee on my back, ass, tits and clit, or even just masturbate while they peed on the floor or in their pants. My little cunt is dripping girl cum thinking about it!!!

I also love to watch girls pee, or wet. There is something increadibly sexy about a girl peeing her pants, or wetting her cute panties!!!! I don't know what it is, but just watching that stream flow from their cute little pussies is SO FUCKING HOT!!!!!

I do enjoy the occational cum shower facial, or even a creampie, but only when I'm in the mood for it. I once took 4 loads on my face from very close friends. I also took 4 loads of cum in my pussy once, only to have a girlfriend suck it out. What can I say? Sometimes I can't resist the cum!!!

Turn Ons

Pee is the biggest. I love to be peed on, or to be the pee-er. I've been single a while so I've been peeing my panties and bed alot lately. I also love cum. I love taking loads in my mouth or pussy, and sometimes in my ass.

Turn Offs

Hard to say. Don't like hardcore BDSM, nor do I like Scat. Other than that, I'm open to anything.

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6 years ago

Let's piss on each other sometime, i have a major pee fetish myself. check my vids ^-^

6 years ago

OMG, Your My dreamgirl.

7 years ago

love for u to piss all over me

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