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Well, Im a guy of simple pleasures i guess. I can be mature and have intellectuall conversation but i can also be immature and childish. Its a good balance i think. I find people interesting. I like to try new things, i like meeting new people. I can be complicated. You could know me for years and id still suprise you...a bit like a hobbit.

Turn Ons

Good bodies and a killer smile. Confidence but not too much. I hate cockiness. Someone who makes me laugh and finds me funny Smile. I like sex in public places. I like the idea of being filmed having sex or somebody watchin. I like orgies and threesomes.

Turn Offs

FAT PEOPLE! It might be shallow but im sorry i dont like fat. Fat and excessive body hair. Yuck. Especially on a girl. Trim or shave or something for christ sake. Obviously i dont like smelly people...theres no need. A big turn off for me is when people shy away from things in the bedroom (or other places) for example i had an ex who didnt like me goin down on her....DULL!!! but she did like dressin up which was fun.


Music is everythin to me. Im completely open minded when it comes to music (the same as with sex) i like everythin an could talk all day about music. But i wont now just ask if u want to know about my music tastes.


unfortunately i dont read that much. I would like to but im just to lazy an like to be active, not sitting still for hours reading. Shame really. But when i do read i like stories with a meaning i guess, something that can be related to. Last book i read i think was either Of Mice and Men or Catcher in the Rye...i read them both in Febuary this year an cant remember which one was last

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