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I am a professional keyboard musician and song writer, touring with country bands, on stage performances in Texas. I write songs, produce my own music videos on You Tube, and I am also into recording and producing my own music. I love electronics as I am an electronics assembly worker, and I am in the process of continue my education in electronics and sign language. I was a deaf child during the first 8 years of my life as I sign American Sign Languge. I am into contemporary modern architecture, taking photos of such buildings and house of the 1960"s and 1970"s. I love to travel and go visit places that I had never been. I have a crazy sense of humor and love to laugh.

Turn Ons

I am only into good old fash sex, intercourse and I want to please a woman any way possible. I love a good crazy sense of humor and I am very much into comedy. I want to hold hands, be romantic, eating out with someone and going to the movies. I would prefer to wait until marriage for sex, but if sexual needs is a must, then I will not hold back. A woman"s sexual needs are more importune than a man"s sexual needs. I would prefer to make a woman smile by giving her flowers as I can wait for the right time for sex, especially on the wedding night.

Turn Offs

A woman giving me oral sex is wrong as it should always be the other way around. A woman"s needs are more importune than a man"s sexual needs. I am not into french kissing as I just love a good smooch or long slow kisses is OK with me. I do not know how to dance with a woman, such as the 2-step or slow dancing. But willing to learn.


Space Balls, Ruthless Peolpe, the country bears movie, and my very favorite "Sister Act"! I can not wait to see the new "Muphet movie!"


Electronics, writing songs, playing the organ, synthezisers, reading a good autobiography. Appreciating modern contemporary art. Baking chocolate chip cookies. Plus architecture drafting and egineering drafting.


Traditional honky tonk country music, and beer drinkin" songs, New Age music, theater organ music, classic rock by Journey, ABBA, Fleetwood Mac. Pop music from Bulgaria, Russia and the Ukraine.


Sweet Dreams, an autobiography of the late Patsy Cline and financial books by Suzy Orman. Keyboard magazine.

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6 years ago

Single white male, professional keyboard musician touring with country bands. Love to have fun, along with a good sense of humor. 

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