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Nothing much to tell really. Unemployed, creative writer and interested in a variety of things from video games up to interesting philosiphies of life. I like getting into deep and meaningful (even meaningless) discussions wether is spreads from something as depressing as the local news to incredible and unexplainable paranormal experiences. Yes, I'm a paranormal fanatic and I like learning more and more about the unexplained. I alsomake sure to help my friends in whatever way I can, even at times it seems like I need help more than they do.

Turn Ons

proper red heads (as in pubs rarther than dyed), pale and freckled skin, goth, average to larger sized breasts (but not big enough that look like the person's back should be broken), Asain, bondate, torture and being tortured, nipple punishment and just acting out all the pent up anger and sadistic rage from school, anal, Goth girls and guys, emo girls and guys, scater girls and guys.

Turn Offs

smokeing (hate the smell, hate the taste and hate them for being deathsticks.), Chavs of both male and female (damn hooligans), old people (and I mean very old like 80), scat (shit play. ewwww),quiet porn (where the ideot that was recording it either put the sound too low or didn't record sound atall.) and that's about it...I'm turned on by alot of things.


Too many to count. I've watched more than a bookcase full. I like action like any male does but I also like Romantic comedies, cartoons and Anime.


I am working on becoming a writer, however I keep procrastinating or masterbating all the time, collecting DVDs to replace my video collection, playing video games (PC, xbox 360, PS2), watching my movies, watching anime, watching hentai, reading (as mentions above and on DA. My DA: ), Playing D&D every Thursday night, but am looking to DM a game too (just need the players), deep interest in paranormal (as mentioned above) and fucking the few friends I get a chance with (one girl, one guy and soon a betrothed friend.) I think that just about covers it.


I like a mixture of music, though I hate R&B. Not going to say it's the devil's music or some bullshit like that, I just don't like it. Most other music I like however.


Harry Potter, The Odyssey (and other mythology books) and all of David Gemmel's work, various comics spanning from JLA, New vengers, Birds of Prey, AVP, Watchmen and many, many others, including Manga.

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Circumcised Masterbating
7 years ago
Uncircumcised me masterbateing
8 years ago

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4 years ago

Thanks for adding! Hope all is cool!

5 years ago

Haven't seen much new from you. Hope all is well.

6 years ago

it's not the size, it's how you use it. Besides I do agree that talking in the middle of sex is stupid. Should be concentraiting more on the humping than anything else.

6 years ago

hahah well a little chipelada(?) aint gonna do much is it XD

and yeah.. "so how was work" in the middle aint exactly the most turn-on kinda thing to say =P

6 years ago

thanks, I feel the same. My cock is also alot more effective with sex now.

6 years ago

Your penis looks 100% better circumcised!  Congratulations.


7 years ago

So - did you get your circumcision done yet?  How is it if you did?

7 years ago

Nice vid there m8, any more?

8 years ago

Hey how are you?

I msg'd you ages ago, but had IT probs :-(. Have you had your circumcision yet? Why is it you need it? from your vid your skin looks tight.

i was circd when i was 22, so if you got any questions... 

8 years ago

Hey, have you gotten circumcised yet? I did it and it was the best decision I've ever made! Good luck!

8 years ago

Hey, do some before and after pics and videos, before circumcision and after! It would be fun! X

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