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Titplay addict

37 year old BBW. I live in the UK. I am not interested in camming or chatting on messenger with you.

Turn Ons

Intelligence, open-mindedness, male submissiveness/equality in the bedroom (e.g. none of that spanking my ass while we have sex. You"ll lose that hand!Tongue out). I love witty/funny guys, nice eyes, tattoos-- within reason, and touchy-feely guys. I -love- watching two or more guys together; bi or gay, I"m not picky (though bi guys are more fun for me!)

Turn Offs

bad breath, ugly teeth (crooked != ugly, no one"s perfect, but brushing is essential), uncleanliness, scat/piss/gagging, meanness, cruelty, arrogance. No, I do not get turned on when you say you want to "cum all over" me or when you video yourself masturbating on my photo. Really. Don\"t.


I watch everything from RomComs (though very picky about those) to action, thrillers, horror and foreign (usually east asian; Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean) films. I also love classics from the "teens through the 40s and SF from the 50s and 60s and laughably bad B movies from any era. I don"t watch much telly, so don"t be surprised if I don"t get your Eastenders reference.


Too many to list! Everything from cooking to gaming to photography.


Mostly hard rock, but oldies and "world", too. I am pretty eclectic and will give anything a go at least twice.


I read anything; romance, suspense, horror, action, fantasy, some SF. I also enjoy history and physics and books about the paranormal. Yeah, I am a nerd.

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My breasts
6 years ago
Me, masturbating
6 years ago

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6 years ago
Deepthroat blowjob
6 years ago

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1 year ago

Beautiful videos, look me up on skype sometime, william.baldwin79    thanks

2 years ago

Hmmm.... Your body are really hoooot.....
Come to see my videos and tell me about if u want!!

5 years ago

you are so sexy, i wan t u xxx

5 years ago

ooo la la, BBW, lovely body, especially that hairy pussy, I like!

5 years ago

Awww, thank you. I thought I was the only one to like that set as well, like it's popping out as a surprise ;-) Hope to see more of you soon! x

5 years ago

Beautiful boobs - thanks for sharing! x

5 years ago

Your breasts look so YUMMY !!!  Absolutely GORGEOUS !!

Thanks for the add


5 years ago

Your welcome, well I could hardly not add someone with a profile pic that enticing! Thanks, glad you liked them, they have gone down really well, I was surprised!

Take care, hope to see more soon! 

5 years ago

Got me wantin those titties pretty bad!!

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