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Fantasist and Daydreamer who enjoys Omorashi.

HEARING IMPAIRED. No live cam or Skype requests. My hearing is not good enough to allow this.

I'm not into peeing my pants just for the sake of it - I know some people like this, but for me the only reward from this is a whole bunch of extra laundry. There's nothing wrong with piss play or watersports - if it floats you boat, go for it! But personally, I prefer clothed holding, with controlled release. I quite like experimenting with different ways to pee, and when in the mood, I'll do a holding session and sometimes take vids.

Apologies in advance for any audio problems with my vids. I make home recordings from built in webcam/mic. It's been mentioned that the sound isn't good, or even 'garbled'. This is good constructive critisicm, which I welcome. However, my facilities are basic. I've run audio and recording troubleshooters and no problems were detected. All drivers are up to date. If you don't like the sound, you can always mute it. I'm tech savvy, but have limited resources. In order to keep my set-up as simple as possible, it is necessary to sacrifice a little quality. Thanks for your understanding.

Turn Ons

Omorashi, anything to do with pee desperation. Love seeing people desperate to pee and being desperate and holding myself. Also have a rich fantasy life, and combine the fantasy with omorashi for a more stimulating experience.

Turn Offs

Scat. Rudeness. Assholes with big dicks and no brains. Egoists who thinks they're 'all that'. Chauvinistic attitude.


Mostly horror, some sci-fi.


Reading, listening to music. Watching online omorashi.


Rock,Latino, Metal, Oldies, World Music, Musicals.


Horror, fiction, thrillers.

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10 months ago
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Morning Desp.2
11 months ago
Morning Desp.1
11 months ago
Uniform Desperation
11 months ago
Dishes Ooops
12 months ago
Breakfast Time
1 year ago
1 year ago
Dishes Fun
1 year ago
Leggings Desperation
1 year ago
1 year ago
Reading Brochure
1 year ago
Too Many Knots 2
1 year ago
Too Many Knots 1
1 year ago
Morning 3
1 year ago
Morning 2
1 year ago
Morning 1
1 year ago

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9 months ago

Kiss to you nice peelover !

9 months ago

I would be happy to hold with you on cam. No audio necessary although you may talk to me if you like.

1 year ago

very nice videos

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