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I like sexy hot girls who want to get down. I am up for anything so hit me up for a good time because you may just get the night of your life

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3 years ago

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I Can't Help it c..
9 months ago
cum mouth
2 years ago
small dick suck
9 months ago
Car bj
5 months ago
Glory hole tease
4 years ago
Blow me
8 months ago
amatuer deepthroat
2 years ago
4 years ago

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3 years ago

I will test your abilities. Please reply to my following questions *smile*

1.) Do you love to suck dick? Is it something you would do because you were eatten out or because you like to do it?

2.) Can you deepthroat?

3.) Have you ever done a threesome before? Was it something you were asked to do or is it something you wanted to do?

4.) Have you ever done anal? Was it a one time thing?

5.) Do you normally swallow, spit or neither one?

6.)Have you ever licked your ex-boyfriend or friends ass before?

7.) What's your favorite position?

8.) Do you suck dick to make the man nut or to have sex usually?

9.) Was your threesome with two guys, or a guy and a girl? Was it a one time thing?

10.) How long has it been since you last had sex? Was it what you expected?

11.) Has anyone ever paid you for a sexual favor?

12.) Have you ever paid a man for a sexual favor?

13.) Have you ever been with a white man before? Would you consider it?

14.) Have you ever dealt with someone that saw you just to get their dick sucked?

15.) Have you dealt with a guy that ate you out and you didnt do anything to him? How long did that last?

4 years ago

It's my pleasure you're very handsome and my response to your statement is not as much as you would think and usually the wrong kind.

4 years ago

u r beatiful... damn!!!

7 years ago

yeah loved!

7 years ago

just showing luv

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