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Love old mens piss

I love old me the older the better. I tend to stick with 60 Years old and above but will not say not to an uncut 50 year old with incontinance issues.I love old mens piss. How they piss, how they shake it, the smell their pissy dirty underwear. everything about them. My grandfather always said, " once a pair of underwear touches your pecker diapers are prohibited." and" if you piss yourself or your bed you wear it or lay init" " and "a man is the only one that kows how to treat a pecker, that"s why if someone want to suck it I lettem." My grandfather pissed himself night and day and never pissed in the toilet. always in his pants and always in his bed.

Turn Ons

Piss, Smegma, Old men, Older the better, Pants wetting, bedwetting, old man diapers and pads, uncut old men, unshowered men, watching old men in the locker room and at the urinal. restrooms, urinals, and yes even locker rooms that do not get cleaned. I live in area that has the highest rate of men over 55 that have incontinence and still wear underwear despite that. Our YMCA has the dirtiest locker room in the area. 90% of the men in our YMCA piss were they want on the carpet. It smells like my bed did when I was 12. I was a bed wetter with no plastic sheet or diaper. peed right on the mattress. everytime I go into the locker room I get a hard on from the smell and seeing old men in pissy yellow underwear. hevey set men is a big turn on for the simple fact that 70% have incontinence and don"t realize it and deniy the fact. even if their briefs are soaked an dark yello. my cousin is that way and will prove that he isint by not changing hi underwear and showering for extreamly long periods of time. the longest time he went was 1 year 2 months. I am No finding that older men are having more bladder control issues lately. Wal mart has been the best place to find the piss soaked briefs that I so love. as well as the incontinance pads. Ihave been trying at the casino but that is hard to do. but not hard to take a look at the guy next to me or down the way. I also Love an Uncut man that has not cleaned under the skin and will piss through the skin only and not shake off.

Turn Offs

basically if you wear boxers, or skimpy undergarments and clean underwear. a man, every mans brief underwear must be pissy dirty and never washed. That"s what underwear is for to be pissed in.

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1 month ago

Thanks for the add!  Hot vids you have there, and great photos too!  Making me horny watching so much sucking and fucking this morning! LOL .. " Daddy John " in Alabama

8 months ago

thanks for the request fella ;-)

9 months ago

glad to be in contact!

11 months ago

wow I masturbated while reading your turn-ons!

1 year ago

You have great taste in mature men...

1 year ago

Thanks for joining me!

1 year ago

Thanks for the friend invite, old pisser here.

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