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This Queer Gets Used By Real Men..

I travel within 50 miles of Sardinia OH..

This fag needs one thing in life; to get used by real men..It’s been years and I'm still fantasizing about having it happen, but now I can finally quit whining like a girl and get used..

I need true Masters of role playing as well as turning gay fantasies into something unreal when their through with it..

Their creative and sadistic minds will leave me panting like a true queer when their finished with me..This fag wants to see what it’s like to be treated like a girly girl…like a slut and I intend to find out..

I don’t give time wasting bullshit and endless messages..I get my ass ready to do as big daddies tells me to and become their full blown faggot slave..

This Cum Twat Gets Used By Real Men..

I know what this bitch needs..I want to get taken, dominated and man handled like a true bitch..Just the idea of being pushed down and made to slob that knob or get down with my pussy-ass-slit in the air, drives me crazy..That made me ache a little bit deep down inside just writing it..

Enough of the discussion, it’s time that I move along to the real fag training?.Men, this cocksucker is ready to roll..

Fag serves the Masters..

Turn Ons

Getting Feminized Into Straight Men’s, Bi's or Top's Bitch..

It’s something I've always wanted but could never get..I need it – I have a need to get feminized and turned into a Straight man’s, Bi or Top's bitch. Sure not every single gay guy in the frigging universe does, but lets not mess around, I do and can’t help but get my faggot clit rock hard fantasizing about it all the damn time..

Just the idea of taking the place of some slut and being a piece of meat or a piece of property for a man to own and use how he sees fit, drives me insane with queer lust..Hell lets be really honest here..I would put on panties and a little slut skirt if a man ordered me to without hesitation..I’d flip it, wiggle that ass and beg to get pounded down..

I Ache to Get Feminized..

Just like a woman newly in love I’d soon be willing to do whatever it takes to keep that real man meat coming back to blast some more nuts off on or in me even if it meant becoming a feminized flame that just wanted to please their Master like a good little bitch..

Well, don't you think it’s about time I got a taste of exactly that and started my progression towards becoming a man’s bitch?.Find a superior guy to chat with and begin with now?.

Turn Offs

SCAT, Blood..


"Gay Seeks Masters for Humiliation and Verbal Abuse.".

How many of you crave giving gay humiliation and verbal abuse?.Hopefully plenty of you do because when I see a man, all that I can think about is Him verbally abusing me, humiliating me and then turning me into His cock slave..

Just like women do, this gay guy craves Cock and need it inside of me..Who knows, maybe if I serve Their purpose good enough They might let me take a suck off the knob or allow me to take a 20 minute pounding from them while they watch the game..

Maybe a tatted up bad boy that won’t think twice about bitching me out and breaking me down into their bitch slave..I get off on the gay humiliation they dish out on me so I don’t expect them to go easy on me..

Gay Verbal Abuse Awaits This Pig..

This queer deserves the verbal abuse they throw at me and the gay humiliation that comes from it..But you know what the most pathetic part is?I get rock hard and turn into a nymphomaniac for their dominating abuse..Time to get bitched properly by a Straight, Bi or Top bad boy..

Humiliate this pig..


Worshiping the Big Bulge in Men's Briefs..

Big bulges are something I just can’t ignore..Well it’s time I worship the big bulge in Men's briefs..

This hungry gay pig sees it,.They know I do so don’t tell me otherwise..One look in their direction and his fat package catches my eye and makes my mouth and ass get hungry as hell..

It makes me just want to kneel down and worship it..I would love to bury my nose into their bulge, rub my face around in it and beg for a nice strong taste of Dick Head..They know how this pig fag thinks and they know just how to use me..

I'm Hooked on the Big Bulge..

They get me hooked on their big bulge to the point that I’ll be thanking them daily for just existing..Trust me on that one..Why else would a young jock stud like them rock briefs instead of boxers?.It’s so they can accentuate that big ball of dick and balls just to torment me even further..When you hung studs are ready for some intense big bulge worship and see what it’s like to use a pussy faggot then come get some!.

I'm Serving Men's Bulges..


"This Queer Loves Arrogant Punks.".

Yeah You know what this queer loves..I love arrogant punks..How They just don’t give a shit about being polite or holding back from telling me what’s up..

Their into heavy metal music, punk and dominating queers when Their not in class..They don’t live on the college campus so They don’t need to worry about Their roommate taking up Their time,.They've got Their whole place to Themselves, unless Their friends are over there partying..

Just so you know nothing shocks Them and Their the absolute king of domination fetishes, boot worship and of course having Their Ass, Taint, Sack and Slab sniffed, licked and gagged on..

What are you punks into?.Come tell me all about Your faggity fetishes and watch me turn them into reality..You'll have me begging You to own me and treat me like the slave I truly am..


Give Verbal Abuse To This Gay Bottom..

Do you love giving verbal abuse?.I can tell just by looking at them that they can dish out verbal abuse for gay bottoms like me and they don’t hold back..
This nasty gay bottom wants to get filled by a big fat Straight man, Bi or Tops Dick anyway, so I know I deserve the verbal abuse and humiliation..

The worst part is that this bottom boy would suck their dick or take it up the ass at the drop of a hat..I can try to convince myself that I wouldn’t but we both know that if we were alone and he just pulled it out, I couldn’t resist..I’d be on the floor, face down ass up or kneeling with my mouth hole open ready to swallow..Get real!

This Gay Bottom NEEDS Verbal Abuse..

Be real for a second and think about the fact that I am a man (have a dick) yet I will swallow loads with my mouth and anus..I mean think about that?!.I will spread my thighs, ass cheeks and offer my mouth for a pumping just like a slut would..So what does that make me?.

This Gay bottom is a little bitch and slut, hell I'm practically a girl and because of that deserve verbal abuse more so than practically anyone..This pathetic bottom would be a tie if I compared me to the verbal abuse shemales deserve..

When I'm dealing with a Real Man like them and want to act like a dirty slut bottom then their going to make sure I get the use and verbal abuse I need deep down inside.I know I do..We both do..

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