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Ftm trans dude, what up!

I'm an ftm trans dude; started testosterone in fall of 2011. This means that I was female assigned at birth, but I went through a gender transition. I have not had any surgical procedures yet, though. Just testosterone.

I am part asian (yeah, yeah...there"s the stereotype of small cock. I definitely have a small one, but it does its job) Please use male words when referring to my genitals.

I love holding my pee until I"m desperate.

Turn Ons

Skinny boys, tattoos, piercings, dyed hair, collarbones, medium length hair (on head), blue eyes, not too much body hair, shorter boys (I"m very short myself), edging, orgasm denial, guys when they need to use the bathroom really badly, moaning, multiple orgasms, forceful cumshots

Pee turn ons: Desperation, wetting, grabbing genitals to avoid leaking, pissing in pantyhose, pissing in cycling shorts (I don't have any, though. Unfortunately.), discreet peeing in public, urinating numerous times in the same bathtowel, peeing in bed (which I haven't tried yet), peeing while laying down, laying under the bath faucet with the water pounding my crotch as I shoot my pee up into the air, the very first gush of piss (so relieving!)

Turn Offs

Too much body fat, unhygienic people, extreme hairiness, poop.


Love scary movies and comedies!

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Use the toilet? Ha, no way!
1 year ago
Urgent pee through white briefs
1 year ago
1 year ago
Relaxing urination
1 year ago
Laying on stomach & slowly peeing
2 years ago
Quick trash can pee
2 years ago
2 years ago
Desperate jeans piss (with moaning)
3 years ago
Peeing on a brand new towel
3 years ago

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2 years ago

I would love to suck your cock while you piss

2 years ago

thx for your comment, would love to be friends!

3 years ago

I want to see you pee on a guy and vice versa

3 years ago

Thank you for adding me Sexy

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