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Hi! Thanks for checking out my profile. As you can tell by the videos of me, I Love, Love, Love to Beat Off! Jerk Off! Masturbate, or whatever term you like to describe self pleasure of as.

I like to think of it as Porn. Not PRON, as some people will text, but PORN! And to me, Porn Rocks! Porn means that "the act" has been captured, documented, video"d, filmed, etc. Anyone can fuck or masturbate, and that"s "Swell"! But it"s only PORN when "the act" has been captured in a way that OTHER people can experience, revisit, watch, laugh at, and/or Jerk Off to! Which in some profound way continues the circle of life... right?

I mean, we all do these things, don"t we? Or at least we lust after doing these things, or something similar? So why the heavy judgment on those who document it? Why should anyone be less accused or guilty just because it wasn"t caught on tape?

Profundity aside, thanks for checking this profile out. And for the record, as with all good porn, I think it should be a little (or a lot) embarrassing if it"s done right. Not only for the people in the video, but also for the people watching! So if you feel a little uncomfortable, and begin to blush... then I know I"ve done my job. And if you"ve gotten far enough to actually see the videos of me and blush, then I sure as heck am gonna be red faced and humbled to the core! LoL.

Just call me Tomato! LOL

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Jerkin" Off!!!

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Not having enough time to masturbate :(


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numnuts420's Favourite Videos (5) (5 - 5 of 5)  
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3 weeks ago

Thanks man for the add😊

1 month ago

Thanks for the request. Cheers!

6 months ago

Thanks for the friend request!! Hot cock!!

11 months ago

Thanks for checking me out! 

1 year ago

Hey, friend - I really respect the awesome comments you left on my profile. Thanks for the add and the gift. FYI the pin you list above isn't working for me. I'd love to watch what you can do with that cock.

1 year ago

Thanks for the gift   ;-)

1 year ago

hot profile

1 year ago

H e y,   g u y  ! ❤  Thanks for adding me as an Xtube friend.  ツ

1 year ago

Thanks for the comment. I'm glad you like my videos.

1 year ago

thanks for add ;) 

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