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"Overall, njwoody is the type of person who values a well organized life. He deserves a person in his life who appreciates how dependable he is. Having balance in his life is more important to him than appearances. Having others around who truly understand and appreciate his uniqueness brings out the best in him. njwoody enjoys rich and stimulating interactions between the sheets and deserves a partner who is up for the adventure! Someone interesting enough to hold his attention is what he craves!"

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Will try most things once... that is my motto :)

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nice anal
5 years ago
A little fun
4 years ago
Kong making me cum
5 years ago
Hope this works
4 years ago
taking in her plug
4 years ago
6 years ago
i dont wanna stop!
7 years ago
Arse Fuck
6 years ago

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3 years ago

Hey  XD How  about  my  pics ? can  you  caver on my  pics  with  your  hot hot sperm ?

3 years ago

Hiya Zobia here

Im was a nerd, still am kinda, but lately people have started being attarcted to me.I rated you, please rate me...saw your profile from a group

I love having cum splashed on my face for real and on photos, I would love to have a great cum tribute from you

add me as a friendxx

3 years ago

Don't feel too bad, I went for over 20 years without it...and honestly, I regret having started up again. 

4 years ago

Thanks for the nice comments re my profile.  Hope to chat some more. JoannaXXX

5 years ago

No, I'm sorry. To begin with I am pretty bad about documenting my work, but I lost almost all the pictures I did have when my little brother wrecked my last computer. I'm pretty pissed about that, obviously. Hahahaha.

njwoody - Male , 34
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