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Big And Beautiful Women are what I am constantly lusting for!!! There is no other thing in this world as beautiful as a woman with a pretty face and plenty of curves!

I am seeing someone currently but she is open to having a lady play. Maybe we could all three cam sometime? She likes big women just like her daddy!!! :) Lets get together and exchange yahoo screen names and have some fun.

I like to look and be seen. I want to see women of all sizes. I prefer real over fake. I like curvy women but also slim (if they are genuine). I get off on enthusiasm and uniqueness over "cover girl" type beauty.

Turn Ons

Big beautiful women. Curvy women. Enthusiasm, and freaky explorations are what really do it for me. I like to explore fetishes and taboo. I really like role play (dom/sub, father/daughter, rape. I prefer to see a woman"s face as she gets off. Pussy only shots can be hot but, nowhere near as hot as total body shots while she gets off. I like big bellies, and round asses. I love doggy style shots. I like to see the pussy contract as if it is calling to me. I also like to see a pussy go from dry to wet. I like to see it dripping by the end of the play session. I like unusual insertions on women. It drives me crazy to see a woman improvise as if she was so horny she had to just grab the closest thing and push it in her just to get off.

Turn Offs

Gay guys. Not into pissing much but will watch if the girl fits my criteria. Not into shit.


I have over 3000 dvd"s. I enjoy a unique story and a fitting ending (not always a happy one).


I play acoustic guitar, write, and watch porn. I also am a dj, and make money on the side with my musical talents.


As with my dvd collection I have close to 8,000 albums. I listen to anything from Amedeus Mozart to AC/DC.


So many to choose from... Stephen King, history (of any kind), ancient mysteries, occult, biographies.

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5 years ago

Tribute to amourousgirl
5 years ago
Reup of Mcdonalds ho from the back
5 years ago
BBW Jack, Suck, Big Titties
5 years ago
Hot Girl Big Tits Nipples Getting Hard
5 years ago
McDonalds Ho pt 2
5 years ago
McDonalds Ho Shaking BBW Ass
5 years ago
Getting head
5 years ago
Getting off and moan
5 years ago

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nathan_x55's Favourite Videos (5) (5 - 5 of 5)  

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4 years ago

omg....that is such a good way to make a tribute, I'm so turned on thank you thank you thank you!! XX

4 years ago

vidz 2gether is a possibility. where u guys from ?

4 years ago

Yeah, I do..sometimes.

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