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House plant looking for couch potato.

Heavier than I look (my family holds it well); hairy; clean; loner.  Though I can be the life of the party I prefer being alone or with that special someone watching television in the nude on the couch just petting or holding.  I'm very oral and like guys that are oral too.  Sex:  At it's worst is about four hours.  At it's best ... who knows?  Just because you shot your load doesn't mean it's over.  Some of the most intense cock sucking is AFTER the fireworks.

Turn Ons

Men who don't have to be assholes to know they're men.  Men that like being men and not women.  NOTHING about a woman is sexy!  I like a man that appears the quiet type to most people but when one on one ... passionate, tender, long-lasting lover!!!  Dark hair always gets my attention but isn't everything.  I LOVE the male body in it's natural state.  Give me a nice mechanic; rancher; farmer; blue collar guy any day.

Turn Offs

Hardware!  Can't stand these beautiful bodies being gauged!  Tatoos use to be hard to find exciting when they were becoming popular in the 80s but now in light of these body gaugings the tatoos aren't so bad.  The only enhancement the male body needs is good hard work. Twinks; assholes; pain; disgusting sex; humiliation.


Almost a little of everything:  fantasy; sci-fi; horror; classic Disney.  I'm getting tired of the movies that attempt to show how the assholes of this world should be pittied and not jailed.  It all comes down to choice.  Good old male porn before condoms, body waxing and steroids.


Playing with myself while watching television.


Classic and 80s Country/Western; new age; New Wave; early 80s top 40; Eurythmics; Go Gos; some classical; etc.


The Bible; Edgar Cayce; Harry Potter; a few series written by David Eddings; one series written by Mercedes Lackey; "Tragedy and Hope: A History of our modern day" written by prof. Carol Quigly; the writings by our founder fathers; the Constitution of the United States of America; etc.

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Hye thx for the comment!  Glad you liked the video.  Check out the rest and let me know what you think...

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