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I love life. I love helping people, and being positive. I enjoy running, swimming, hiking, cooking, spending time with my family, learning, studying, growing, improving, laughing, dreaming, friendship, taking pictures, star gazing on my roof, traveling, grilling and other assorted awesome things.

Turn Ons

I am over 30 and my mind is clear. For nearly 15 years I have admired the stark beauty and in-your-face femininity of tgurls and cds. This admiration is sincere. I make no apologies. I like what I like. More than anything I enjoy the company of a beautiful lady.

Turn Offs

I do have a few pet peeves;

1. Needles and pointy things

I have a terrible fear of needles and I am actually quite squeamish when it comes to any sort of involvement of blood. Eventually I hope to overcome this phobia so that I can get tattooed...but that is for another day

2. Ignorance and Arrogance

I am still very new to the scene and my kink, but I will always be respectful of any and all kinks and kinksters (even if it"s not my cup of tea). That being said, I do not need anyone"s judgement or to be told how to enjoy my kink, how to behave, or what it means to be a submissive/crossdresser/sissy/etc. I have found what works for me and I could not be happier.

3. Scat

Sorry, it"s just not something I enjoy. I love my toys a lot a lot, but I am super OCD about making sure I am clean before I play. I don"t care for it, but to each their own. Watersports on the other hand....hehe, well the jury"s still out on that one :D

4. Racism

Confederate flags, KKK, Nazism, the use of the "N" word or the "f" word (the homosexual slur that is)...I"m sorry, but if this is you, just don"t bother.

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