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i munch it

i'm likeable for those who can get close to me. i'm serious at work but playful at home. stocky/solid build, 6.5" stocky cock also. i'm like a bee - i don't sit on one flower for very long...but if the pollen is the stuff, i will definitely hit it more than once.

Turn Ons

i love anonymous sex in theaters and sex shops especially with straight men who need to get off. i like to watch guys get blow jobs. i like watching and getting sucked at the same timein theaters. i like to give head in sex shops. i'm totally into the arab/middle eastern men.

Turn Offs

teeth. i don't like to feel teeth on my dick. not much into the smooth skin...fur all the way.


only when i'm looking to get off.


men, sports.


all sorts.


all sorts.

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