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Seattle-based photographer with experience in fashion and boudoir photography. Yes, I watch the videos here, but I'm also looking for folks who need a cameraman, either still or video. Selfies and POV are fine when they work, but I see too many that are shaky, out of focus, badly-lit or just plain bad, and would have been much better if there had just been someone else available to hold the camera at a little greater distance, with maybe a few more lights on in the room. Sound like something you'd be interested in? Want boudoir photos or maybe even a video to post here on Xtube? I'll be your huckleberry. Willing to travel throughout Washington state, though will need some advance notice if you want me to go much outside the Seattle metropolitan area. Also willing to travel to neighboring states or British Columbia, with even more advance notice. (Hey, I work a day job; I can't just jump in the car and go shoot whenever I feel like it. I don't make enough at photography to do it full time)

Discrete, and very reasonable rates (possibly even free, or at least can be negotiable, depending on what we agree upon), professional, and I always arrive on time. I have access to professional makeup artists and hair stylists if you want a makeover beforehand (you pay their fees directly), and all images or video produced from our session are yours to do with as you wish, delivered on DVD or direct download once I've finished editing them. If you're looking for prints or other physical products like albums or artwork from your photo session, I can offer competitive pricing on that as well. Absolutely nothing will end up on the Internet in public view without your explicit permission.

Your photo or video session can be tame, flirty, risqué, naughty or downright raunchy -- your choice, I'm just the guy behind the camera with a few suggestions. THIS IS NOT A HOOKUP -- I'm just here to run the camera gear. I'm happily married, but have a hobby/business that lets me work with sexy people from time to time. Chaperones are fine as long as they don't interfere with our shoot (and I guess if we're doing certain kinds of video, you kind of NEED other people around, you know? *wink*)

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Bad attitude, prejudice, poor hygiene, closed minds, willful ignorance.


Photography (duh)
Cooking (and eating)

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