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Do you come here often?

So i"m updating my info for you guys, I haven"t been the most active member on here, but hey we all gotta start somewhere. I"m an open guy who loves to chat, have fun and generally have a laugh with friends, both new and old. I"m looking to get out of the country at some point next year and in the mean time i"m up for anything that I"m offered ;)

so yeah, thanks for dropping by, why not get in touch... hmmm sounds a bit local radio... welcome along...

start again

Hi, hit me up on msn:

any better?

Much love for you guys who keep me coming back for more

N x

Turn Ons

I like people who are themselves, nothing fake, someone who makes me laugh and someone I can have fun with ;) x

Turn Offs

pain... i"m such a whimp lol


Horror, I love being scared, mainly zombie movies like the old classics dawn of the dead and zombie flesh eaters.

Comedy: anything with adam sandler in or just something that i can watch without having to work out too much lol

Action: Got to love rambo, commando, predator, die hard! the classics don"t make them like that anymore :(


Ceramics; I love clay and use it loads to create the wierd and wonderful

I used to act a bit but that"s gone by the way side lately

I love singing but mainly in the shower

and then the genral things, drinking, friends, tv and facebook! god i"m addicted


I was brought up on 70s heavy metal and rock; I love deep purple, black sabbath and thin lizzy, but if it sounds good and i like it i"ll listen :) very open really lol



fantasy novels, the discworld books, anything by raymond e feist, james barclay or a good biography about someone cool :)

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1 year ago

great set of pictures;)

1 year ago

newport here x

1 year ago

great photos. your friend is one lucky guy, to get to play with that fantastic tool!

2 years ago


3 years ago

Look forward to chatting to you, dude. Thanks for the add :) x

3 years ago

hey, u ok, nice profile :) 

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