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someday im gonna fly

im here not sure why cant move kinda stuck hoping wishing wondering why why not who. yeah that just happened!

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not sure have to see how i feel. one night you could blow me for an hour and i still wont stiffen up and others u scratch your balls and i have u in bed in seconds flat...

Turn Offs

people who tell whats not theirs to tell... thats the worst feeling... why would you do something like that? oh well some people are just naturally untrustable.


anything really, i do enjoy a musical every now and then but i also love comedys, horror films (after about an hour pep talk to get me to do it), any thing really and im always up to try a moive and give it a chance


anything thats not hard metal... that shit sucks some major shit. who is someone screaming into a mic how is that enjoyable? damn just thinking about it pisses me off

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5 years ago

Hey.  Angelo here too.  Write back sometime Wink

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