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Love the scene. Would love to travel around the US and meet all the hot ff guys that post videos on this site. You guys are all awesome. I would love to get video"d taking a fist from you guys. I think fisting is best portrayed when it appears sensual and not hard and robotic.
I want to be able to take a double fist.

These days, I have been getting into major ass play with dildos and toys of all sizes. Biggest is a plug at 11" in circumference. Partner actually has to force that one in with his foot for better leverage. When it pops-in, wow!!! But also have been having most fun with multiple dildo insertions at the same time. I kind of like three average sized dildos at the same time. And that makes me cum so hard. And I"m talking cumming without even touching my dick. When my partner gets that third dildo in there and starts to fuck me with them, I shoot a thick stream of cum almost as if I was peeing. It"s mind-blowing amazing feeling. And I can cum a heavy stream like three or four times a session.

I also have a Dick Rambone dildo that I can only take about 90% of it. How in the world do guys take it deeper??? It is the perfect shape, diameter and texture dildo but I want more of it deep inside but just can"t seem to get there.

Love the poppers. My fave is Jungle Juice Platinum in the larger bottle. Talk about a rush!!!

My hats off to those patient tops who love to fist and/or use dildos on a guy. There are vids on this site when a top is spending about 20 — 30 minutes just fisting a guy or using dildos on the bottom. Where are these guys? That is sooo awesome. I mean, I often wonder "what"s in it for them?" I can see the what"s in it for the bottom because I know the incredible feeling... But the top, I can"t imagine where the stimulation comes from. Anyway, love you patient top guys who want nothing more than to please a bottom. You are the unsung heros in this game.

Turn Ons

1) Skinny, toned, slender, slight belly or even baby fat around the waist
2) Slender thighs
3) Prefer watching smooth guys getting fisted and fisting each other
4) Medical sounds. Prefer ribbed types over smooth sounds
5) Love it when a boy gets real hard and erect when GETTING fucked
(All the above are turn-ons but not necessarily in any order)

Turn Offs

Scat or anything dirty like that or when I"m not clean or the other guy isn"t clean.

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5 years ago

Love this position
6 months ago

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6 months ago

I perfectly agree with you: patient and caring tops who take all the time to please theie bottoms in a slow, deep and/or wide hole play and fisting!!!
They are indeed the ture unsung heros of this sacred art!!!

11 months ago

Thanks !! :)

1 year ago

thanks, sexy


[color=#002060] [/color]=14ptHello! Thank you so much for your appreciation of my throat professionalism!!

1 year ago

great to be FFriends with you !

2 years ago

Thank you men for my video : New bastard & Deep fist
In your favourites vids 
XXX Olivier

3 years ago

great pic!
like heary dady chub with strape one ...

U are realy hot

3 years ago

thx 4 your comment
- and maybe our next video is with sound ;-))

4 years ago

Hot man, hot cock. Love to see it twitch when I'm in your hole.

5 years ago

thanks for the kind words. good to know you like slender, lanky guys with a little belly....i'd be right up your alley LOL

keep watching-we'll post another video soon HOPEFULLY.

5 years ago

Thanks for your comments. If you are even in Dallas, I will give your hole "the works".

5 years ago

email me sum contact info

5 years ago

hi ,I would like to tell you thank you very much for your response to me , and sure i would like to thank you for the compliment and words that really impressed me , and this shows you are reading my mind through the photo Kiss

5 years ago

thanks for the add ;-P

5 years ago

Hi I Like what I see. Would You Like to Play with Me. I will Do Anything You Wish!!!

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