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Yeah, that's a recent pic of me at the top. And Yeah, I am HIV Positive. Would you guys be able to tell? I thought BB was cool too, since I saw everyone else on here doing it. I was basically bi/curious and was only ever with 2 guys only 1 time each when I found out I was positive. They both said they were negative, but apparently they weren't or didn't know, or didn't care and just wanted sex so they lied. who knows. Now I'm stuck with HIV and Eventually AIDS since there is no cure. A shoter lifespan and medications that may make me sick is what I can expect from life. I was a stupic kid, but that's still not an excuse, but I do have to live with it. Good luck to you guys and play safe...

Many often ask..among other questions... "What are the risks of
getting the HIV virus while kissing or having oral sex?"
The following may answer some of these questions... but
as with anything physical/sexual. .there is no "pat"/safe
read/ it safe..get tested regularly(if sexually
active)..and always use condoms....


************ ********

Masturbation won't expose you to HIV or any other diseases, but it
does come with serious risks: Do it wholeheartedly enough and it can
open up mind and body, revealing new pleasures and a dangerous sense
of independence.

There is virtually no risk of getting or giving HIV from mutual
masturbation or rubbing bodies. Anxieties about getting ejaculation
in your paper cut, or about the occasional shot in the eye, are
common. Getting HIV that way is definitely not. It is possible,
though rare. To get sexually transmitted infection in your eye or
penis, usually from rubbing them after you've touched you or
someone's open sore. And before you wank every old skank, remember
that you can get warts, herpes, or minor but unwelcome case of crabs
through mutual masturbation or bodily contact.

Kissing's is risky for transmitting emotion, but not for HIV. You
can catch herpes or mono from a kiss, and if you've never had
hepatitis B, there's some debate about whether deep. Intense tongue
twining might pass it along.

How safe is it to suck? The short answer is that after study has
shown that oral sex comes with a drastically lower risk for HIV than
anal sex. Certain things are thought to make oral sex more risky for
HIV, such as if you have cuts or sores in your mouth, have just
flossed or had dental work, or have an STD in your throat. If he or
she has STD, that might also make him or her more likely to give you
HIV. There's no evidence that how deep you take someone's penis in
your mouth changes the risk. If you're into having stick it to you
for hours, or like it really rough, or are drunk or high enough not
to notice pain or tearing in your throat, that may make sucking

Since getting sucked without condom comes with an even lower risk
for HIV than sucking. You can get gonorrhea, herpes, or other kinds
of sexually transmitted infections from being sucked, and his teeth
may pose the greater danger here.

Barebacking is probably the most dangerous and easiest way to get HIV and AIDSand other STD's. Even with a condom on, anal sex comes with risk. The least serious,
and most common, is a little aggravation to your system-- maybe some
gas, or cramping, or runny bowel movements. If those doesn't go away
shortly, or if you have a discharge of mucus, you may have an
aggravated anus or a more serious infection or inflammation. Condoms
help but don't completely protect you from warts or herpes, which
can range from a pain in the anus to a serious and ongoing medical

Yes, tops do get HIV, though being the one to put it in puts you at
a lower risk than being the bottom. And the risk is there without a doubt. As for STDs, you can get most of
them-- herpes, warts, gonorrhea, syphilis, and others-- from
unprotected anal sex. A condom helps but does nut fully protect you
from warts and herpes.

In terms of HIV, rimming is more of a theoretical risk than a real
one. It's conceivable, though unlikely, that he or she have blood in
his or hers bowel movement or his or hers anus that would get in
your mouth. For some of the more serious STDs, however, most notably
parasites and hepatitis, rimming is definitely high-risk behavior.

Fingering is safe in regard to HIV so long as you don't have cuts or
ejaculation on your finger, but keeping unwashed fingers away from
your anus, your mouth, or any body part your mouth will be touching
should protect against parasites and hepatitis. Being fingered is
safe, too, if his fingernails are smooth and short, and his finger
hasn't been in his own or someone else's ejaculation or anus. You
can get herpes and warts from touch as well as penile probing. If
you're HIV-positive, you may want to be especially careful about
what goes inside you.

Fisting, or the insertion of any large object in the rectum, is not
risky for HIV, but can be seriously dangerous.

Getting urine on your skin, so long as you don't have open cuts or
sores, cannot give you HIV or other STDs. Drinking it poses a
theoretical risk for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases,
since virus such as CMV or herpes are shed in urine and could
conceivably infect you if you got them in your mouth.

Enemas pose no risk for HIV or other STDs, or (in moderation) for
anything else. Do them a lot and you can deplete potassium and other
electrolyte levels in your body, as well as build a dependence that
will keep your bowels from moving on their own.
The new medications, "coktails" they have out for HIV and Aids do help and can help prolong things, but they can also do a real number on your body and can have many side effects, and are not a cure by any means. There is no cure for HIV or AIDS.

And, oh yeah, guys lie on here alot about their status just to get what they want. I know of a few, so never believe anyone when they are just looking for sex... Your life may depend on it... .

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Top Comment #1 by: furrygeorgy
3 years ago

Thanks for the friends request. I empathize with your situation and agree it is completely unethical for someone with HIV not to disclose their status, WHETHER OR NOT they are asked. Having said that, it's important to keep perspective. My own doctor told me that HIV is now viewed by the medical community in the same way diabetes is, ie a controllable condition that, with medication, is unlikely to shorten your lifespan. As with any new medication, there is a level of toxicity associated with HIV meds. It's too early to tell just how high.... but what would you rather be dead?

Top Comment #2 by: loverofMen777
4 years ago forces us to do anything you don't want! Own up to your actions and do not blame others for your choices! Peace!


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2 years ago

Well said, I had done some risky things in the past, but fortunately I have never contracted any STD's, I'm lucky, and now always practice safe sex!  HIV can be wiped out in just a generation if people practice safe sex, and bleaching needles if that is what a person is into, I'm not, but I don't judge!  Keep it safe!  And best of luck in the future with your health/meds.

2 years ago

take what you want, but be carefull about you and also the others.
Many greetings from Germany near Munich to you with many kisses to you

3 years ago

I love that you are trying to spread safer sex!

3 years ago

keep youre opinions to yourself. this is a sex sight not a morality site. i was not molested . i enjoyed it and initiated it. every case is different. you should keep youre opinions to yourself. you sound like you are very bitter for whatever reason and you feel the need to lash out at people who are not bitter

3 years ago

good information... to bad most on this site don't think that way... kinda sad.

3 years ago

I hope you're doing well.  I, for one, do not get annoyed by your warnings on videos that show unprotected sex.  We need to be reminded sometimes and the younger people can get complacent.  Please dismiss the condemnation by others of you.  They don't matter in the end. 

3 years ago

Thanks for the friends request. I empathize with your situation and agree it is completely unethical for someone with HIV not to disclose their status, WHETHER OR NOT they are asked. Having said that, it's important to keep perspective. My own doctor told me that HIV is now viewed by the medical community in the same way diabetes is, ie a controllable condition that, with medication, is unlikely to shorten your lifespan. As with any new medication, there is a level of toxicity associated with HIV meds. It's too early to tell just how high.... but what would you rather be dead?

3 years ago

i like that you remind these "in denial" faggots to use a condom with  apartner that they dont know, ppl should practice safe sex unlesss they know 100% that the partner is HIV NEGATIVE , so the queers who get offended just want to not think of reality! thanks and take care!

3 years ago

You're so judgmental and YET you hide your face. What do you have to hide? Are you afraid your girfriend or boyfriend will see that you are cheating on them? Maybe you have a job in which you would bring shame on yourself if people saw your face. It's rather suspicious that you hide your face.

3 years ago

Thanks for friendship. 

I realize the threat of HIV and have safe sex only but you never know your destiny... 

3 years ago

So, YOU chose to make a stupid, uninformed decision and now you're the self-appointed sex Nazi of Xtube? Only here to annoy people and force YOUR form of beliefs onto others because you are angry and bitter. If you were to buy a bottle of liquor at a store, and then get into a bad car accident because you were drunk... would that be the store's fault? NO, it was entirely YOUR decision, no one forced you into anything. Are you going to hang around outside the store harassing customers by telling them not to buy alcohol just because of YOUR bad experience with it, which you alone are responsible for? Your futile attempts at trying to dictate to others how to live THEIR LIVES amounts to nothing but outright fascism. How are you any different than that clown Phelps at the Westboro baptist church that pickets at funerals? There are far more serious and dire problems going on in the world and in America right now to be concerned about, yet you continue to badger others because they choose to have sex differently than you? Do you have ANY CONCEPT of how completely absurd that is? The medical cartel, the pharmaceutical companies, and the food industry are destroying the health and lives of millions more people than aids ever will. Check the statistics! Life is very short for all of us. Instead of wasting your valuable time trying to tell others how to live, and making silly comments on videos, why don't you instead focus on your health and on taking good care of yourself, living YOUR life instead of uselessly trying to tell others how to live theirs? May I suggest you get some kind of therapy or counseling to deal with your issues and get a handle on your behavior which is fueled by your misdirected feelings. I wish you no harm at all and hope for only the best in life for you. 

3 years ago

There are a lot of dumb gays on here... especially the moron who told you to die. It's a shame how many people contract STI's. People you would have never thought. You are doing a great thing by posting this. The haters and ignorant people will be the ones catching and spreading the diseases. Total utmost disgust! Shame on the gay community for acting like that. 

3 years ago

Amazing how batshit insane people are on here  God forbid someone might kill the fun and point out that they're playing with fire.  The dude who told you to "die already" is quoteworthy, if only to show how crazed the gay community is becoming in its reaction to those with the virus.  Its nauseating how many of us are treated like monsters just for doing the right thing and speaking out about a fatal disease, being honest when we've got nothing to gain but a sense of integrity.  We should be lauded, but we're attacked.  The religious extremists are right in their depiction of homosexuality as a "deathstyle".  The gay village mobilizes with pitchforks and torches at every message it finds inconvenient.  Under this atmosphere of repression and hysteria, its amazing that HIV rates aren't rising even faster.  Karma's a bitch boys, good luck at your next test!

Massboy, I am curious what you'd say about those of us who tested positive after meticulous condom use?  Personally, I've found the whole "USE A CONDOM" mantra to be a little simplistic and misleading.  There are legion of gay men who wind up positive through means other than unprotected anal sex.  Call it "immaculate infection" if you must, but the truth is that the CDC has never been silent about the fact that oral sex is a likely conduit of infection, and its no secret that if you're fucking strangers, that condom is only as good as his willingness to keep it on and intact.  I've found that those of us who DID use a condom are typically shouted down within the poz community just as vociciferously as you've been shouted down here.  Telling people that HIV is "easily preventable with condom use" is a lie, and it draws a line in the sand between conscientious gay men and the raving morlocks who "bring it on themselves" by choosing to forgoe condom use.  The truth is that it its NOT an easily preventable disease, and there is a whole swath of the infected community which got it from a wide spectrum of activity, some of which was perfectly reasonable, much of which was far less risky than any of the insanity I witness online.  Rather than badgering people with the importance of condoms, perhaps you should remind them that pornography is best understood as FANTASY, even when its amateur pornography.     

3 years ago

you have the right to post what you like... stop the hating haters!

3 years ago

are you still on here... stop being a detrement to society and die already.

3 years ago DON'T have the moral authority to tell others how they have to behave or take care of their lives.

4 years ago

Thanks for the reminder

4 years ago;re lucky to have longer life than those who have symptoms...

4 years ago

The idiots who think it's just fine to get HIV and it won't affect their lives are fooling themselves.  Just because it's now survivable doesn't mean there aren't complications and strains that can be fatal.

What's scary is people with that  mindset are probably the ones who go around infecting others with no thought to what they are doing.

I get off on bareback vids, too, but man some people are just stupid.

4 years ago

I like your profile ². :-)

4 years ago

I am so glad I came across your profile - xtube has a tendency to glamorise bareback. 

4 years ago

You're honest about your status and one of a kind. I don't blame you for your situation. A mistake happened. Just wondering did you go through ARS?

4 years ago

I like your profile. :-)

4 years ago who you might of gotten it from.  

4 years ago

if this was an exclusive hook up site with video posting options then yeah go ahead and warn the ignorant.  But its a fucking porn site. most guys here are just here to rub one out before school/work/ or bed. leave your high horse for the planned parenthood van outside the gay bars, k?

4 years ago forces us to do anything you don't want! Own up to your actions and do not blame others for your choices! Peace!

4 years ago

Glad that your using your tragedy (lack for a better word) to educate others about the risk of the desease and your story of how you got it.

4 years ago

The whole point of a social networking type sex site is social networking and communication.  I've seen some of your comments on people's videos and they are not judgemental or obnoxious.  So what if you suggest a condom.  I see no harm in that.  Those comments before are ridiculous.  I don't see you blaming people for your situation either.  Look at all that projection!

Good on you man, for stirring up some debate and providing some information with a bit of humor.  Your profile is pretty funny and witty, but I guess that was lost on people.

4 years ago

fuck safe sex I let any and all bb my ass and nut in me! gangbang tomorrow night 43 guys attending and i will be blindfolded and never met any of them and want all their loads in my ass dont be a prude life is too short so just pig out bro....

4 years ago

i would just ask you to think that when you see a vid on here of barebacking could the guy they are with be their boyfriend or partner? i practice safe sex and know its important as my ex was cheating and caught hiv so you know you have to be careful as you never know

4 years ago

I fully agree with Bear-and-Boy -

You don't know other people so don't preach at them, very annoying and judgmental. Sorry about your predicament, but don't get on a soapbox

4 years ago

Thank you for your education buddy.



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