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yes, i have made most of my fantasies realities. REALLY. lol.

if you look through my photos you will see what i mean. i dont have a "type" of woman i like. the world was blessed with soooooo many kinds, shapes and talented women that it would be a sin to limit oneself. sex should be FUN or intense or sensual or dirty or all of the above. and an ftm friend advised me im bi cause i like ftms so i guess im bi. lol.

Turn Ons

intelligence, fantasies and making them reality for myself and others. watching, feeling and making women cum. giving/ recieving oral,anal. soft and long deep kissing. role play, cos play, furries, ftm"s, watching or being watched. i will always be curious and turned on by the unique and unusual. (look what i do for a living. lol). sensual and sexual people. people who have FUN with their sexuality and sensuality. the list just keeps going but it all really ties into whom ever blesses me with their company and bodies getting off. dont forget, GETTING there is supposed to be half if not mostof the fun. lol. and finally making love if the person is into that. (one doesnt have to be in a "relationship" with someone to make LOVE to them)

Turn Offs

ignorance, intolerance, close mindedness, filthy houses (really. lol.), bad hygine (not counting things like the clean sweat after sex or a good hike to a place in the wild to HAVE good sex. lol), and a few other things...


sci/fi, historical, fantasy. classic porns that TRIED to have a story and acting. they are hilarious. dramas that fit into the above and of course good comedies.


making things, any things that catch my curiosity or imagination. thats every thing from period and fantasy costumes, armour, weapons. sets props and movie sets. f/x and furry makeup. custum toys for for the adventurous. making custom b&d s&m equipment and furniture when some one is willing to pay. lol. i paint, sculpt and hike, camp, sail, fish and hunt. keep up on just about alllll the sciences. nudism and of course good ole" sex and love making when the person is into that.


pretty much eclectic, from ancient celtic and classical to alt rock and old school punk. (dk, dri, tsol, fsp, etc., etc.) if you know those bands your on the cool list. lol


sci/fi, fantasy, historical, national geographic, scientific america, smithsonian, scientific of ALL fields,

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Thanks for the add! Hope you're enjoying our videos!
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Thanks for the request cant wait to see your comments on my pix

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