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Here to enjoy the wealth of videos that this site provides and to enjoy my fetish until my heart is content. I'm into pissing in a big way, my partner isn't to this is the place I let off steam. I'm a femme lesbian on the larger side, maybe more to love, maybe thats the point you stop reading. Each to their own. I'm here to share stories, messages, fantasies with like minded women and explore my fantasy future.

Turn Ons

Intelligence and wit, humour and confidence is all key. I love woman of all shapes and sizes, I love to be dominated being held down and pissed on. To me, theres nothing better. I'm not against mild pain and when it comes to pleasing my partner orally I find nothing better. My nipples are extra sensitive, they love a good suck. Spanking, hair pulling and all the other good things that come along with it i'm rather fond of but most of all, I like all things wet. Me, my partner, possibly you... The bed.

Turn Offs

Ignorance. "Urgh, you like to be pissed on? How disgusting." My name is self explanatory. Sort it out.

Being made to feel like a slut or over sexualised. I don't have 'issues' or need 'help'.

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6 months ago

would you talk to me about pissing?

3 years ago

loving the vid

4 years ago

Hey, the messaging system is down, but when its up, you up for chatting? 

5 years ago

I'd love to fuck your pussy and piss in your and over your clit while we fuck.  ;)

5 years ago

Like camsex or phone sex? Add me to YM! My sn is hinkdawink. Hope to hear back from you soon! ;)

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