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I love.

I also enjoy these:

Plain and simple.

Live music/music.





Video games.

Also: I'm fond of my drinking problem, and tend to get along well with others who have drinking problems.

I am one of few Hunter-Gatherers left in the world, and proud to represent such a fine collection of man.

Turn Ons

I am into: anal sex, anime, art erotica, ass play, biting, blindfolds, blow jobs, bondage, bondage art, breath play, burlesque, butt plugs, candle wax, casting, choking, creampie, cuddles, cunnilingus, deep throating, depilation/shaving, dildos, double penetration, erotic photography, exhibitionism, fingering, fishnets, flirting, foot/feet, fur, genital piercings, glass dildos, group sex, hair pulling, handcuffs, handjobs, hentai, hot oil massages, ice cubes, kissing, lactation, legs, librarians, liquor, making home movies, male submission, masturbation, mistresses with strap-ons, multiple orgasms, music, mutual masturbation, necks, nipples, nudity, nylonlegs & feet, oral sex, orgasm control, outdoor sex, pegging, photography, piercings, pin-ups, pinching, polyamory, porn, prostate massage, prostate milking, red heads, restraints, rimming, rough sex, seduction, sex, sex during menstruation, sex in public, shaving, sleepy sex, small tits, snuggling, socks, spanking, strap-ons, submission, swallowing, tearing off clothing, teasing, threesomes, tit fucking, toys, triple penetration, vibrators, victorian pornography, vintage lingerie, vintage porn, voyeurism, webcams, wrestling.

and curious about: abduction, age play, boss/secretary, chains, collar and lead/leash, cosplay, costumes/dressing-up, discipline, doctor/nurse play, fisting, gangbangs, golden showers, kidnapping roleplay, latex, master/slave, orgy, play rape, power exchange, role play, saran wrap, squirting, tantra, watersports.

Turn Offs



Donnie Darko, Pi, SLC Punk, Buffalo 66, Vanilla Sky, Harold and Maude, American History X (its powerful, and sometimes hard to watch, but, its what i would consider required viewing), The Wall, The Jacket, The Dark Crystal, The Labyrinth, Napoleon Dynamite, Big Fish, Amelie, The Prestige, quality zombie films such as 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later Disney's Animated Robin Hood, Disney's Animated The Jungle Book, From Hell, Go, Dark City, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Princess Mononoke, Akira, 8MM, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, Hackers, (Leon:) The Professional, You Don't Mess With The Zohan, 40 Year Old Virgin, Orgazmo, Superbad, Shuan of the Dead, and The Nightmare Before Christmas.


I’m really good at
Playing video games I really like audio-reactive video games. Frequency, Amplitude, the Guitar Hero series, and Rez are amongst my favorites in this category. I also like playing mmorpgs every now and then, and am currently playing one called Fiesta Online. I also like strange Japanese video games like Katamari Damacy, and the game Devil Dice along with its sequel Bombastic. Aqua Aqua is another good weird Japanese game.

Giving myself headaches working on art stuff. (Currently working on: mathematical equations/mathematical theories themed works.)

Slacking off.

Forgetting birthdays.

Drinking, and inventing new drinks/alcoholic desserts. (Newest invention: Tequila Sunrise (2 Shot Form): Thats right, get ready for this one, its two shots in a row, great for breakfast, and great for getting your girlfriends moist. It starts with 1 shot of Tequila, and a 2nd shot of 7/8 99 Oranges, 1/8 Grenadine. An orange wedge makes a great chaser.

Making Mix-Tapes, or Mix-Discs. I have a massive music collection, with a wide variety of sounds, and have been known to make mixes for people on occasion.

Music trivia.


I'm picky, but I listen to everything. The things that make it through my ears multiples of times are what I'm picky about. Favorite bands include (but not limited to) are: Múm, 65daysofstatic, The Avalanches, Bassnectar, Bon Iver, Buraka Som Sistema, Coil, The Crystal Method, just about every Danger Mouse project, Daft Punk, Deadmau5, The Faint, iamx, Machine Drum, Mylo, OTT, Pendulum, Portishead, Shpongle, Hallucinogen, Röyksopp, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Symbion Project, Tool, Vast, Yeasayer, Lullatone, Infected Mushroom, Björk, Rush, BT, Radiohead. I listen to a very wide variety of music, but tend to enjoy "electronic" music and the most because its good soundtrack for driving fast. I also enjoy the genre "IDM" quite a bit. I also really, really like live music, and go to as many shows as I can, especially festivals.


Generally I read books on Spirituality, Dreams, and Philosophy; though, I do read other genres as well. Snowcrash, Galapagos, Johnny Got His Gun, The Tortilla Curtain, There's a Wocket in My Pocket, Where the Wild Things Are, Who Wants an Old Teddy Bear?, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life 1 & 2, Astral Projection: A Record of Out-of-the-Body Experiences, Lolita, anything by Nietzsche, anything by Darwin, anything by Vonnegut.

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