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First of all, I"m sorry I have no videos... I tried, but my phone is the only thing I have to film, and does a fantastic job but xtube wont support 3g2... But enough of that. I"m also an ex convict... not your stereotypical one either. I graduated highschool, went to college to be an architect, and ended up getting in a fight with a man, much larger than me at the time, and stabbed him. He lived, and in the state I was convicted in, there"s no self defense law if you"ve escalated the situation. I did 6 years and have been out for about 2 and some change. let"s move on to what matters...

Turn Ons

I love bigger women, smaller women, cougars, young, all shapes and sizes... and I love to watch women fuck themselves. There"s just something about the way a woman will react or act with themselves all alone that makes me hot. It"s like, no one"s around so they just let go, say what they want to say, moan how they want to moan, and get as intense as they see fit. And when they say nasty things while they"re doing it, OOOOOOOOOOOOOO yeesss! =)

Turn Offs

I"m not sure quite yet... ;)


This list would be far too long...


I ride BMX, Kayak, fish, hike, camp, just picked up a longboard and now skate, and plan on taking up bowhunting and rock climbing, and I"m also working on a novel.


Everything except new country


Currently reading Swan Song for like the 4th time and love Pillars of the Earth by Follet but I read everything from politics to poetry.

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5 years ago

Funny you should say such things. lol

I've got a vid that I'm going to be uploading tonight (which is not a riding vid...I'm actually reading a short letter that a fan wrote for me to read) and THEN I have a riding vid that will be going up...well, it's not all riding...there's a bit of riding, but I had a bit of trouble taking the whole cock so I ended up moving the camera and squirting and stuff...

but yeah.

Shortly ;) 

5 years ago

Thanks for the invite. Love Libra xxx

5 years ago

I love revisiting profiles to see that people have taken my advise. :)

So glad you did love ;) 

5 years ago

;) thanks love...You should fill out your profile a bit so that we can all get to know you better ;)

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