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Im kind of a jack of all trades looking for a girl of all trades. Im a thrill seeking junkie. Love to try new things. Most of the time I really am not even home. Although on occasion I do like to sit back and watch some TV. Love movie theaters. If you haven't noticed I have a bit of a piercing love? Fetish? Whatever you would like to classify it in. I go to college full time trying to finish my B.A. Will finish actually May 09 woohoo. Anyway I work in the as a freelance in the IT field. I live alone wait I have a cat. If you have any questions well shoot. If you want to contact me well or Im usually on those two all the time. If not send it here. later

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A girl that likes to play with toys on herself and on me.  :).  A girl that is aggressive and has an open mind and is a little risky.  Bottom line I am just looking for a nice girl that likes me for me and wants to get to know me and yes I am aware which site I am on thank you.  By the way friends are good too.

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