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Hi people.

First of, I made this account just for the pleasure of watching these inducing videos. Also, of course to interact with the "boys". Haha.

I must warn you, if you"re not into effems; as majority of the bisexual community are, (I consider myself as one cause of the way I act, even though I don"t cross dress nor wear make-up) you may want to hit the "close tab button". =)) #JustDealWithIt. Lol.

For those who find themselves interested or let"s just say, curious about me; seeing that I don"t have pictures don"t hesitate to message me. Mind you, I"m fun to be with. Haha.

Oh by the way, I"m looking for friends or probably a partner, here...(Is that even possible? well, there"s no harm in trying). Seriously, no casual trips or whatever, purely friendship. Not being maarte, pero mas gusto ko gawin yun kasama yung taong mahal ko. Cheesy! Hehe (Should have gone to a dating site instead, but well, xtube will do) Haha.

So guys, hit me up. Wag na mahiya. :))

Turn Ons

I"m actually attracted to older guys. Not so old, like 5 years older at most. :) I"m also particular with the hygiene (Clean Look). I like the athletic ones (Varsity men). Smart & Witty guys and may sense of humor.

Turn Offs

Effem Haters. Mga Paasa. Haha. Kidding. Actually, wala naman. :D

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About my Partner

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3 years ago
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1 year ago

Hi :D

2 years ago

- Since you surf, do you also swim?  yeah

- Are you an athlete who plays for a university's swimming team? nope i don't like to be in the varsity

- What school do you go to? :) (PM me)i'd rather keep this to myself

- Are you into effems? If not, why? no!

2 years ago

tga saan ka tol


msg mo ke hehehe

2 years ago

I would, but I don't want to broadcast it here on XTube. If you could drop your number somewhere, we could exchange text messages sometime. 

2 years ago

Yes, I'm a college senior. You?

2 years ago

Hey. Im from Sampaloc. You?

3 years ago

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