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I like to observe what people do

As Chance the gardener said in the movie Being There, "I like to watch." While it was pretty amusingly misinterpreted in that case, it wouldn't be a misinterpretation in mine!

Anyway, I'm a GWM, and am mostly interested in non-GWMs. You know, I like guys from other cultures and places. A lot of my groups and subscriptions are pretty off the beaten path here, sometimes extremely so, but I just like to see what kinds of things people get into. It's pretty phenomenal at times! Much more adventurous than me in that regard.

I have a boyfriend, we just had our 5 year anniversary, and there have been others before him. I like people, I think they're pretty fascinating. I hope you do to. I sometimes send friend requests to people and probably unlike most, I really want to be your friend! Don't be afraid! Say yes.

Below, I've indicated that I have kids. Two, but not my biological children. They were kids that I took in and looked after as if they were my own, and their success in life is a testament to the magic of love and care.


Music, bikes, kayaks, dogs, this stuff here. :)


Classical, jazz, "world," new music, interesting music, dance music, no specific genres of popular music really, I just like a lot of it. I play music too, and write.


Some other time...

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After j/o
5 years ago
j/o with cumshot after sounding
5 years ago
Nice ring
5 years ago

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3 years ago

Thanks for your comment on my vid!! :)

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