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Am a man aged 27.Have studied up to the University level where I studied Bsc.Range Management in the University of Nairobi.
Currently am working at steadman Research International on part-time basis as I look for some full time job.

When I am not working I do computer studies and 5 days ago I started doing driving.
Sometimes I seem serious but I am a very free man who enjoy sports and jokes.I like to associate with girls for I find them compassionate.
I enjoy travelling alot.I come from inland of Kenya where I didnt learn swimming but where I did a lot of Mt.Kenya climbing.Hence I am now learning swimming which I badly enjoy as an amateur.
I come from a family of 10 and I am 6th.I love my Mum and Dad who are relatively elderly.
One thing I like most is to be happy !.

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7 years ago

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