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Kinky! by Name, Kinky! by Nature

It's been a long time coming !!! (no pun intended).

Well, where to start ??

I am a very very Kinky! straight male, from the Kinky! garden of England 'Kent'.

I have been around on the scene, both online and in the real world for quite some time now, and i have had many relationships - some kink and some vanilla, but have ultimately been looking for that special relationship that caters for all my kinks as well as my vanilla interests.

Over the last couple of years i have been torn between the two worlds and nearly gave up my kink lifestyle !! but decided to give it one last shot and decided to rejoin a few online communities and get involved again.

In the beginning i was more of a Dominant person, but over time have explored my submissive side (which i now like very much :) ) which helps me understand both sides of the D/s coin.

I was once a part of a great community over on the LatexLair (home of Bianca Beauchamp and Martin) and made some great friends in the day !!

On the scene i have been mainly known as 'KinkyG' or KG for short, but have changed my identity a couple of times over the years, but always seem to revert back to being good old 'KinkyG'.

Now to the best part :)

Over the last year i have made some fantastic new (on and offline) friends, here on Rubber Pal and on .

Myme, pompey_daz, jiho102, tinkerbella, bD_sM, rubberpassion, observer (way back from LatexLair), rubberkaren, MissDomina2007, rubbergirl25, MsBodecea and many more, but not forgetting 'Mistress Atrum Dea'... who i met from .

Mistress Atrum Dea is very special to me indeed :) not only because i am Her sub and rubber gimp !! but because She is my life, my soul and my inspiration :) and without Her, i would be incomplete and nothing.

O/our journey has only just really begun together, but what a Kinky! roller coaster ride it is turning out to be :)

O/our relationship both vanilla and Kink! is wonderful, and i could not wish or ask for more :)

..... ..... ..... ..... ..... .....

For the record:

"I am the property of Goddess Miss Atrum Dea ... i am Her loyal sub/slave/rubber gimp :) "

..... ..... ..... ..... ..... .....

In light of the above, i am still here to make new Kinky! friends and to explore and keep up to date with the ALT lifestyle, so feel free to get in touch and say hello... as i enjoy chatting to like minded Kinksters !! both submissive and Dominant.

..... ..... ..... ..... ..... .....

Before adding me to your MSN or Yahoo messenger, please message me here first on Rubber Pal, otherwise you may find yourself blocked !!

..... ..... ..... ..... ..... .....

“It’s erotic if you’re using a feather. It’s kinky if you’re using the whole damn chicken.”

Although not professional, I like to take photos of various scenes and Kinky! fun :) - so anyone interested in this, please let me know.

Favorite websites >>

My Kinky In Bondage website

My YouTube Channel: Darker Desires

My Flickr Photo Gallery: KinkyG Gallery

"The Kinky! Psychic"

Another of my features is that i have a Psychic gift, which also entails Clairvoyance, Psychometry, Empath and Healing... if you would like to know more, then please feel free to contact me (I am for real, and others on Rubber Pal can vouch for me).

psychic test, psychic development and psychic readings

..... ..... ..... ..... ..... .....

Thank you

KinkyG (property of Mistress Atrum Dea)

Turn Ons

Rubber, Latex, PVC, Vinyl, Plastic and all forms of Kinky! Breath Play and Suffocation !!

Turn Offs

Fakers and Liars


Preaching to the Perverted, Girl in 3D, Personal Services


Commercial Dance and all sorts...

About myself

Physical Profile

Work & Living Environment

Sexual Interests

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7 years ago
7 years ago
7 years ago
8 years ago

Suffocating tied to a tree
5 years ago
Rubber Gimp Sufocates for His Mistress
6 years ago
Breath Play Hood
7 years ago
Breathplay Bagging with Handcuffs
7 years ago
Kinky Male does Breathplay
7 years ago

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1 year ago

I'd get off too if that's what it takes to breath fresh air again.

2 years ago

wish that suffocating  tied to a tree was me

3 years ago

Smile Great kinky rubber fetish

4 years ago

It has been a long time since your last vid (1 year). When does the next appear?

5 years ago

Good Evening, Simply wonderful. Amazing videos. I like how you push yourself..would be nice to see if you could go past the point that you have to the point of passing out (with someone there to spot you of course)....what an amazing feeling that would be for you to orgasm JUST before you passed out.   :) keep up the good work.

6 years ago

When will your next vid be on?

6 years ago

man that was 100% hot, love seeing you bag your self then hand  cuff your self. I do the same and love having no control. love to talk some time. Drum

6 years ago

I love your videos :D.

7 years ago

Very nice work. Hope to see more from you!

7 years ago

love the latex/rubber. Keep up the good stuff. =)

7 years ago

wow do tha to me m8y

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