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What to say really?  I'm a 25 year old, cute, hairy(as you can see) guy with a big, warm, kinky heart.  I don't think that I ever really make an accurate first impression. I guess it just takes a little while to get to know the real me.  I like that about myself, but it also makes it hard for me to meet ladies.  I have a hard time describing myself because I'm still lost trying to find out who I really am.  But don't let that deter you from wanting to come along with me on my journey; I would enjoy the company and love the help. I'm not sure what else to say so that's all you get for free.  If you want to know more then you're going to have to put in some effort (don't worry I'll do all the heavy lifting). 

p.s. I'm a bit crazy if you can't already tell Wink

Turn Ons

Fetishes, kinks, pee, vagina, geek/nerds, shyness, individuality, weirdness, exhibitionism, voyeurism. 

Turn Offs

Close mindedness, shallowness, stupidity, 


I love all kinds of movies.  Sci-Fi, Foreign, and Independent genres are my favorite.  Tinto Brass, Catherine Breillat, Wes Anderson, Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, and Charlie Kauffman are some of my favorite movie makers.


Listening to music, watching movies, playing video games, programming, toking, making videos


I Love almost any kind of music.  Some of my favorite bands are the Velvet Underground, Radiohead, Clash, Ramones, Modest Mouse, Pixies, Flaming Lips, Doors, Bright Eyes, Bob Marley, the Roots, a Tribe Called Quest, Warren G(and 213), Prince, Stevie Wonder, David Bowie, Pavement 


Chuck Palahniuk is where it's at.  I do enjoy some poetry every now and then.

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Naked sitting piss and cum on a chair
5 years ago
Wetting white trunks
6 years ago
Morning Golden Shower
6 years ago
Male Full Bladder Jeans Wetting
6 years ago

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kinky_knight's Favourite Videos (10) (9 - 10 of 10)  
Bi Jacuzzi
4 weeks ago
in the bath
5 years ago
Tacos and Aunt Flo
5 years ago
Wetting Combo
6 years ago
bisexual sandwich
2 years ago

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1 year ago

SO hot to watch you pissing... tooo bad that you are straight

4 years ago

Would love that

5 years ago

Love your wetting vids. You seem like an intelligent, interesting guy.

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