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I am a complete and Avid Fan of Type O Negative!!! R.I.P. Peter Steele!!! I don"t Consider myself to be "Goth", I feel I am just a dark soul at heart. I am also a Fetishist. I have a big fetish for Ballbusting and High Heels! I love to get kicked, kneed, etc. in the balls, by Females. I also love High heel and Foot worship. There is just nothing, in the world, more arousing to me, then getting kicked in the balls dozens of times till I fall to the ground and then forced to worship the feet and shoes of the woman who just put me there!!! I do have many Other Fetishes but that is my Main one.

Turn Ons

Ballbusting, CBT, Extreme CBT, High heels, Legs, Pantyhose, foot worship, leg worship, High Heels worship, Forced Fem, Golden Showers, Painted toenails, Painted Fingernails, Bondage, Blunt Testicular Trama, Ballkicking, Footjobs, Cock Stomping, Getting Kicked in the balls, Orgasm Denial, Tease and denial,

Turn Offs

Scat, forced bi, Fake People


X-Files, X-Files, X-Files!!!my fave movies are The Crow movies, Nightmare on Elm street"s", Friday the 13th"s", Hellraiser"s", The Dark Crystal, The Neverending Story, Legend, The Exorcist"s", The Mists of Avalon, Merlin, Strangeland, Torque,


Type O Negative,ï Collide,ï Old Marilyn Manson,ï Nine Inch Nails (Old),ï Berlin,ï Smashing Pumpkins,ï The Doors,ï Kompressor,ï Duran Duran,ï Soft Cell,ï New Order,ï Joy Divison,ï Sisters Of Mercy,ï Sex Pistols,ï Gwar,ï Portishead,ï Enigma,ï Tangerine Dream,ï Ministry,ï The Cure,ï Seal,ï Depeche Mode,ï Arcadia,ï Gwar,ï Misfits (Old),ï Danzig,ï DK (Dead Kennedys),ï Rancid (Old),ï Op. Ivy,ï Any Local Punk Bands,ï AFI,ï MCDC,ï Bad Religion,ï Steven Lynch,ï Garbage,ï Cruxshadows,ï Bella Morte,ï Juno Reactor,ï Skinny Puppy,ï Oghr,ï Gorrilaz,ï Jane"s Addiction,ï Mr. Bungle,ï Faith No More,ï George Carlin,ï Dennis Leary,ï Eddie Murphy,ï Murderdolls,ï The Danse Society,ï Bella Morte,ï Cruxshadows,ï Green Day (Old),ï Alice in Chains, Linkin Park,


Terry Brooks "Shannara" series, The Mists of Avalon, 20 Lessons of Merlin, Celtic Magic, well any D.J. Conway books,

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Barefoot assault and footjob tease
5 years ago
Barefoot Assault
5 years ago
Kicked with Heels and barefoot
5 years ago
Hitting and cum shot
5 years ago
Busted by her High Heel
5 years ago
Kicking with socks, again
5 years ago
Being kicked with socks
5 years ago
My Wife Coming home from work Pissed off
5 years ago
Ball Stomping in Heels (Old video 1)
6 years ago
Cock Stomping 2
6 years ago
Cock Stomping 3
6 years ago
Ball stomping in Fishnets (old video 2)
6 years ago
Cock stomping 1
6 years ago
Ball stomping in fishnets (old video 3)
6 years ago
Old Ballbusting video of me 2
6 years ago
3rd BB video with my wife
6 years ago

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5 years ago

Hi, very hot profile Smile


grtz, LeatherPaul

6 years ago

thanks  me i  reed the main one i bowns arond a lot allthers  a nuter is  dont mind  the maglig of the names  tery godcinds books  aaaaajust cant thik of lot at this moment  butt thare thare  like the disc word books and others  well keep us on xtube CUmming  WKJR

6 years ago

HI THARE  well like the  vid and i thowt i was the oly one who reed terry brooks  me i like sifi and fantacy  butt that one on anf off long taill well thanks WKJR

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