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Life is too short mates.

The most important thing to me is living life like there is no tomorrow. I do not want to have any regrets. I love life. Good food, good people, and good libations. I am Hispanic and Italian. I live life too the max! I feel things very passionately. I want to meet someone who feels the same. Someone who takes the bull by the horns. Lives life like there is no tomorrow. Spirituality is very important to me also. I am a devote Buddhist. I cannot stand people who are fake. I do not have time for that. I travel every chance I get. Part of life is experiencing it. Take Care and find Peace. Cheers.

Turn Ons

Real people who take the time to enjoy every minute we have on this planet.

Turn Offs

Fake bitchy people. We are all here for a purpose and a reason. Treat eachother well and with respect.


I love everything except "dumb jock/cock" movie comedies. Fanasty: Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Harry Potter, Eragon, Princess Bride, 300, Troy, Alexander. Vampire: Underworld, Blade, Interview with a Vampire. Drama: Steel Magnolias, Hung Up, Alpha Dog, Anything by Brett Easton Ellis book. Comdies: Anything from John Hughs, Waiting, Legally Blond, Goonies, Clue, Zoolander, Wedding Singer, View from the Top. Anything Independent, Irish, English, or Aussie.


Travel, Travel, Travel. I have lived in Japan, Canada, United States, Mexico, Ireland, UK. I still travel all of the free time I can get. To know life you must experience life. I also love working out. Must maintain the temple. Reading, going out with mates, balance in life. I love going to movies, clubs, pubs. Life is too short.


Brit Pop/Alternative, Bowie, NIN, Punk, Alternative, Dance, some Pop, Robbie Williams, Madonna, George Micheal. Anything but country, Johnny Cash the exception, must love the "Man in Black."


Brett Easton-Ellis, Anne Rice, anything Irish or from the UK. I love Charlaine Harris, bit of a True Blood freak. Christopher Rice (Anne"s son), Tokken, anything on the topic of Buddhism/spirituality. The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. Plato, Rousseau, Aristole, Hommer, I love philosphy.

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Huge pecs, nice abs
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Cop Gym Fuck
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Happy Friday
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ridiculous rockets
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2 years ago

Hey dude, thanks for the request and liking my vid ;)

2 years ago

Thanks man for you words, thanks :=)

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