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Hello all, i"m new to XTUBE i dont have much in way of pics of my self atm, they"re on my PC that I dont have hooked up atm. And as far as those go, well im sorry to say I do not have long hair any more. also maybe if I can figure it out and get some camera equipment I can create my own XTUBE amature account :D

Turn Ons

My turn ons are as follows:

BBW chicks

Furry chicks (hirsute) here is an example

BBW+Furry chicks

chicks that have nice thick full armpit hair, and dont shave their legs

food play in general

for some reason chicks with pale skin but a DARK colored vaginal area TURNS ME ON

ALPHAHARLOT turns me ON. woooo thank you ALPHAHARLOT for posting on (Ychan) with that hello kitty

I would have never known this site EXISTED if not for you

Turn Offs

turn offs are as follows:

women who smell BAD i mean like (to quote dane cook) women who wash their vagina with an even dirtier vagina

CARPET BURN (yall know what im talkin about) OMG i"ve had my dick torn up because of extra COARSE hair in the inner labia parts

TEETH... thats a NO NO it is NOT a TOOTSIE POP OR A BLOW POP THERE IS NO TREAT IN THE MIDDLE, also it is NOT a fucking STRAW it is for all intent and purposes a POPSICLE


mostly hentai.

NO i do NOT like that stupid pirates movie

The GREEN DOOR is old but it ROCKS

fake anime movies found at like teen titans Raven getting her pussy pounded by slade in the episode where she makes time stop, who ever did that was awesome... hell or maybe CN just edited it out


Videogames mostly


jerking it to this site +,,,


anything but RAP, Country (with exceptions) and stupid shit that i cant hear what the hell people are saying because they"re just gutteral yelling


read the WHOLE ERAGON series, loved it, (yah i know but come one the first one came out when i was like 18, not my fault i had to wait this long for him to finish)

Popular Science mags, Popular Mechanics

anything to do with space, 2012 end game publications. + those that i think are funny

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Top Comment #1 by: PandaBear33
2 years ago

Hey there!  Thank you for the friend request and profile comment :).  Glad to hear from a man who appreciates natural women!


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2 years ago

Hey there!  Thank you for the friend request and profile comment :).  Glad to hear from a man who appreciates natural women!

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