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Just another perv lol

Just another one of the million pervs on here checking out all the gorgeous women. I'm a BHM so be warned!

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My biggest turn-on is listening to and watching a girls face as she cums. I love long red nails, especially in my back, being tied up and teased to the point of orgasm and then denedi (not more than a few times tho lol), pussy play (hot and cold etc), women who make a point of dressing sexy and being feminine - give me skirts over jeans any day, especially with fishnets and heels! OK, getting carried away here so enough for now!

Turn Offs

Jeans on s date lol- see above , snobs, nailbiting, prudes, scat

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6 years ago
7 years ago

cumming for sirvat
6 years ago
Stroking it for bbwbabe
7 years ago

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karmacomba's Favourite Videos (9) (9 - 9 of 9)  
Playin with myself
4 years ago
Busty Handjob
5 years ago
Two Holes to Fuck
6 years ago
Me, he he
7 years ago

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1 year ago

Thanks for the friend request!

5 years ago

Sexy man...thank you so so much for the compliment...totally brightened up a rather monotonous day. :)  you're fantastic.

5 years ago

;) thank you so much love...I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

5 years ago

You should totally check out my new vid that just got posted with PlayfulHeather and I ;) Nothing's hotter then two BBW dyking out ;)

5 years ago

Thanks for your friend request. :) I'd love to dress up in fishnet stockings and a skirt for a date, that sounds hot. Jeans and tees is pretty much all I own at the moment though. :(

I wanted to watch your videos, but the links are directing me to the "Latest Video Homepage" rather then to your video. It's really strange. :(

6 years ago

every time?  really?


That's pretty fucking hot that I turn you on so much...I wish I could feel how hard your cock was getting with my mouth.

6 years ago

;)  Thanks so much love...I love it when boys talk filthy to me.

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