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Looking for a good time or someone to cam with

I have written several short stories and one 231 science fiction (novel) none of which have been published, but I also enjoy being with other people and socializing.

also, i am available for a good time if you are interested.

I am 24 years old and 6 feet tall. I have been working out at a gym for a little over 5 years and have gotten much stronger.

if you want more general info, send me a message or e-mail me.

i am looking for someone to have fun with. i give gifts to "good girls" i am and stay clean. i can act mature, but kind of prefer not to. i like to hold the door for other people and take them to dinner. i enjoy almost anything, including chocolate. i make all my appointments and such on time. i am employed part time, but get a steady income in the thousands. i like funny shows and movies and know a few puns myself. i love animals (or people dressed as animals) and i"m just an open person in general.

hope you like my likes,


ps. i haven"t uploaded any other pics or vids, but i do take requests via e-mail. btw, i"m 6 feet tall, i"m 21 and i"m quite strong and strong willed so if you want something, just ask

Turn Ons

A girl with good taste and a nice smile. size doesn"t matter

Turn Offs

rude people who yell


anything funny, scary or action based...honestly, anything


watching tv, playing video games, writing and watching online videos (including porn)


Techno/dance especially Daft Punk. but anything with a good beat


Harry Potter (1-7) Animorphs and other science fiction books

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Top Comment #1 by: darcywilliams
2 years ago

First writer I've seen on here. Nice.

Top Comment #2 by: eden14
2 years ago

thx u for the request :)


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2 years ago

thanks for the add sexy man ,,,hot videos and nice cock xxxx

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2 years ago

First writer I've seen on here. Nice.

2 years ago

thx u for the request :)

3 years ago

hey sexy

5 years ago

My Name is Jake

I'm 21, 6 feet tall and pretty strong.

I like women who aren't judgmental.

a few extra pounds don't bother me at all, in fact, i think it is quite attractive.

i enjoy writing poetry and short stories. 


i will post pictures and videos once someone requests some

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