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Happy in my bisexual skin

I am a bisexual male that is very comfortable in my bisexual skin. I love playtime with both men and women one on one or in any combination. I chose to play with people like me that like to experiment and have a sense of adventure and shy away from vanilla sex.

I am very oral with both men and women and love heavy cummers. I absolutely love to savor the flavor and texture of cum before I swallow it. I consider cum as my reward for a job well done. I am not a "sub" but I do put my partners pleasure before my own and mostly derive my pleasure from the pleasure I give to others.

I am very much into many aspects of CBT and consider what I do as more pleasure than torture. I really believe that the T in CBT makes it misleading and should be replaced with an S for sensations. I am convinced more guys would be interested in investigating it if it said cock and ball sensations and not cock and ball torture and learn of some of the great pleasures in this play.

I very much love nudity and love others that enjoy sometimes just hanging out nude or going to nude resorts.

Turn Ons

General: Adventurous people that are always seeking new ways excite and please others as well as themselves and Heavy Cummers. People that take care of themselves and bath regularly. love glory holes very much too.

Males: Thick veiny cocks, uncircumcised cocks (the more foreskin the better),CBT play,mastubation in all forms,oral sex,ball play,lowhanging balls, big balls, shaved cock and balls,throbbing crooked cocks,light anal play,toys,lots of precum,and Heavy Cummers. I love cocks of all sahpes and sizes in my mouth. Oh yeah and love guys with hot nipples.

Females: Nice pert breasts,Nipples that pop up with excitement,a beautiful thick bush(the hairier the better), hairy arms,big big clits,huge pussy lips, exploring every square inch of a woman"s body with (sensual massage,nibbling,licking,and kissing and loads of teasing),squirters,gushers,women that love to watch males play bi and like to join in after getting excited watching.

Turn Offs

People that don"t take care of themselves and don"t bathe regularly, one way people that get their rocks off get dressed and leave whether their partner has been pleased or not. vain people that think they are far better than others,confidence is beautiful but vanity bites. Balls or pussy that smell like they have not been washed in a week.




masturbation, ball stretching, ball bondage, watching sports, and watching military history.


classic rock,jazz singers,classic country, some newer rock, a little newer country, salsa music,soul music,eighties rock including some hair bands,bluegrass. I generally have a fairly broad taste in music which my ipod bears out. When on shuffle it might play Jimi Hendrix and then play Mell Torme and then Merle Haggard or Tone Loc.

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