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Marge & Paul

Genuine couple,looking for cyber and cum by post,
Contact only after reading thoroughly.
Hubby happy to see you cum on cam for my wifes pics etc
We are genuine about this, wife marge knows and is ok. Though it's not for everyone, and fully understand if your not interested.

We like to go one further than decorated pictures/vids, have you thought about sending your cum to us. All us guys wank, so why waste it.
We will both wear lingerie if you send, we prefer the cum in a small container, you can cum a few times,freezing between donations etc.If a big cummer,one load is ok
You must be disease free etc
After posting you send a note to marge instructing us as to how to use, she will not have on her face or mouth, anywhere else is ok, for your information, we will both take it, if that is what you want ( marge calls it spunk)
We will take both vids and pics of your instructions, but for your own use only.
Very open minded, turns out it's the instructions that are marges fave part, guess like most educated girls she enjoys reading what she dare not say etc.
Marge is 49, so past the need to get pregnant etc.
M&P xxx
PS We are totaly genuine about this, and have 2 regular bulls/donors etc

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condom, spunk, pussy, fucking
7 years ago
marge wanking me into his condom of spunk
7 years ago
cum fun
7 years ago
pussy, syringe, spunk, fingering,licking
7 years ago
more fun with a donors spunk
7 years ago
bulls cum fun
7 years ago

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3 years ago

@spanamer...they are totally genuine i can vouch for that!  a really great couple.

3 years ago

They probvably aren't actually injecting anybody's sperm. Just a put on

3 years ago

As your Financial advisor I recommend that you consider direct deposit instead

6 years ago

man, ide love 2 fuck ur wife. mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

6 years ago

Cervical Cancer (one of the most common and deadliest cancers in women) is caused by the genetic print left by multiple males sperm. This means the more sperm coming in contact with a woman's vagina from different men, the more chance she has of contracting it. Also - are you seriously just going to trust a strangers word that they do not have an STI? 90% of males carrying STI's are completely unaware and untreated they are carriers. Some of the most common STI's such as chlamydia can in some cases show no symptoms to males, but when they pass it on to females, it results in horrible infections that can manifest themselves to blindness and major organ failure. Take care. 

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