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Just here to indulge my fetishes...

HI! I"m painfully normal as is the wife. We just like to mix it up a little sometimes. We are painfully normal people.

Turn Ons

Turn ons:

Happy, jovial attitudes

plenty of making out and foreplay

Sweet sex in a dimly lit room listening to sexy music

My personal turn ons:

Different races/nationality (we"re both White but have no problem screwing other Whites!)

Girls who will pee their pants or wet the bed

Some golden showers

Diaper girls who will pee in them

*NOTE* These are not turn ons of the wife LOL

Tina"s Turn Ons:

Other races/natinoality

Being double teamed by two men.

While she"s not exactly bisexual, I do know she"s curious.

Turn Offs



People who need to feel dominant

People who can"t just have fun sex


When Harry Met Sally

Zack and Miri make a porno

Knocked Up

I suppose "Sleepless in Seattle" mainly cuz it was a tolerable chick flick and they mentioned Duluth, MN when were living up there and she asks, "Isn"t that somewhere in Idaho??" The audience damn near split their bellies!

Good comedies like Happy Gilmore or the Focker franchise

I like good scifi

She likes watching those damn "reality" shows on TLC with the circus freaks. Super fat people, hoarders, midgets, people with really rare diseases... She"s a FREAK I tell ya!


My biggest hobby is amateur astronomy.

The wife mainly reads or knits.


Classic Rock

Some new GOOD Rock


non-depressing country western

classical (especialy piano and violin)



The Foundation Trilogy â Asimov

On the Beach â Neville Schute


Harry Potter and that damn Vampire chick flick series I always forget the name of. There was a parody of it called "Vampire"s Suck".

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4 years ago

Hey, ladies!  While I'm pretty sure you don't want to see yet another guy pissing in his pans, I know I speak for all the men that mark you as friend when I say, "PLEASE!, enough is NEVER enough!  Keep those jeans flowin'!

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