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just hot fun

Up for some nsa fun. Horny but innocent. Swap some pics and vids. Make some on assignment. Good horny sex, no SM or P&P kind of stuff. Do like risky sex, in the sence of risk of getting caught... And maybe make some vids together...

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Relaxing on the nude beach in the sun. I had a good lunch and fell half asleep. i must have been dreaming very nice...i suddenly realized i had a huge hard on. first i wanted to hide my dick, but it felt soooo horny, just lying there with my hard cock out. i had my sunglasses on, so i just pretended to be asleep.

it was calm on the beach but just enough movement to keep it interesting for me. a couple passed and i could see they noticed my cock. that was such a rush! they walked on but it did look like they were going to have some fun themselves... some guys passed by, one stopped with a hard on. he kept his distance but played with himself while staring at my hard cock. i kept on playing asleep, but my dick did respond, it started throbbing and the rush was sooo good that i felt some pre-cum cumming up. my head must have been glistering in the sun and the guy let himself go and shot a nice load onto the sand. this was already my best beach visits ever!

then i noticed the guy gave quick look behind me before moving on. i just had to look...there had been a couple behind me all the time! they did see me look so i couldnt fake to be asleep anymore. at first i didnt know how to react but they smiled at me. they must have seen me 'asleep' with my hard cock all the time. and that guy wanking close to me ...and that guy must have enjoyed my hard cock and the attention of the couple. i still didnt really know how to behave. i tried to hide my dick, i sat up, but it was standing hard and clearly visible. i tried to move around but couldnt hide it. The couple obviously noticed and the guy said "dont worry, we like sightseeing". i relaxed again and sat back with my hard cock right up in the air. throbbing as hard as possible. and said "i like to provide a sight". and the guy said to me "i was daring my wife to walk over and wake you up by stroking your dick". She laughed and said to him "come on, i cant jerk an other guy while you are just sitting there". that was my opening "what if i stroke him while you stroke me..." they looked at each other for a couple of seconds, but his cock was almost as hard as mine so i had good hope. ...she winked me over...

Lets live and finish this story together...write me

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mooie paal heb je gozer!

1 year ago are welcome to xtube!;)

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