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Now officially into cuckolding

Married swinger here. Available for cuckold, fuck u while ur husband/boyfriend watches. If he wants to he can suck my juicy cock or fuck him in the ass like the pussy that he is. Mostly into women, but would consider TOTAL BOTTOM gay/faggy boys or submissive cuckold straight pussy guys (I TOP ONLY, I do not kiss guys either, sorry). Looking for other straight couples for swinging and going to swing parties. Also looking for hot good looking transgenders (male to female ONLY). Wife (who is gorgeous) is interested in other guys and girls as well.

I am a liberal guy and support gay rights, BUT I'm not into the gay scene or going to gay clubs or bars or going on gay hook-up sites. No dis-respect, I hope you understand we are a straight couple and enjoy fucking women and on occasion submissive gay/cuckold boys and guys that we CAN TRUST and that's all I want to do. I am happily married and just looking for no-strings attached DISCREET fun and so only open minded people who respect my boundaries need apply. And please don't send me messages telling me to 'come out already.' That kind of ignorance and superficiality is a complete turn off. Thanks.

I am drug and disease free here. And you MUST be too. We use condoms. I only do bare with ppl I know. Please be over 21 and are okay with alcoholic drinks.

Turn Ons

Girls/trannies: deep pussy fucking, missionary, doggy style, tit fucking, threesome with the wife, facials, slap my dick on your tits and face, blow jobs, spanking.

Guys: other married straight guys and their wives for cuckolding is a HUGE plus, fuck in front of your wife. Gay faggy twinks are okay however you must be very submissive and not overweight. would prefer slim guys with fem characteristics, and huge ass that I can spank. I sometimes like to spank big asses with leather belts (not a must) Warning: I can get really rough with my big dick (9.5 inches) so you better be able to take it and be okay with the size. I tend to get really horny and really into it and I will go deep into your ass showing no mercy, so SIZE QUEENS are a plus! With guys I enjoy getting blown and guys MUST be able to deep throat and swallow, I also want to try a fantasy of mine where I cum in a girl's mouth and have her spit into her husband's/bf's mouth and make him swallow it. I also want to try having a straight couple suck me off at the same time.

The wife is ONLY interested in couples and girls. NO SINGLE MEN for her (and that's her preference).

Turn Offs

dirty, stinky pussies, too demanding, liars, stuck ups, needy people, loud disrespectful women and gay men with an agenda.


Listening to music, concerts, baseball, working out, internet, politics.


Rap, hip hop, mexican

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7 months ago

Great video!

1 year ago

pinche tori........ handle, handle. lol

1 year ago

thanks for the ad str8 boy!  would love to see more vids of you fucking fags

1 year ago

you sexy as FUCK!  Love a str8 cock!!

1 year ago

thanks for the amazing time, hope we can do it again some time!

1 year ago


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