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can do

4 years ago

thanks for the great message.  Looking forward to you accepting my friends request and us to start sharing some awesome stories and maybe even some fantasies.

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Thanks for the great message you left on my profile and for favoriting my vids. It makes me feel really good!

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Hot story, got me hard, and hot videos. I love the musky odor of a pair of man balls.

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                     The War and Captain Kincaid

                                                by Wayne Bracford


During the first Gulf War, I was stationed in Kuwait. Being a Lance Corporal Marine ordinance specialist kept me busy as the Marines and Air force flew constant day and night sorties into Iraq. It was hot work out in the desert and most of us ground support personnel were naked to the waist. The men around me smelled of pungent man-sweat and had glistening rivers of sweat rolling down their backs and chests constantly due to the heat. I was no exception. The sights and smells were heady and I drank in every scent of man I could. It was particularly intense when I’d have to help another soldier lift the ordinance for the next sortie. We had to rub our wet, perspiring chests and backs together on occasion, as we helped each other lift and lock the bombs on the wings of an A-10 Warthog. I couldn’t help but rub and flex my chiseled pecs and hard prominent nipples up against another soldier’s bare and sweaty back as we finished the loading procedure. My nipples were always at attention: and hard. So was my cock; most of the time. The smell of the men and jet fuel gave me a constant erection. Sometimes when loading, I’d have to press my crotch against the legs of another specialist. I always knew they could feel my twitching hard dick against their leg because we’d have to hold still for a few minutes while supporting the ordinance. No one ever said anything about it. No one ever complained. We all had a job to do and the camaraderie was intense. I’d felt a lot of hard cocks pressing against my legs more than once. I found myself constantly adjusting my package so no one would detect my eight uncut inches straining against my cammos.

After a long shift, I’d find myself in the temporary enlisted men’s club with a cold beer. Every man in the place was shirtless. There was every kind of chest you could think of: hairy, smooth, muscular and everything in between. We all smelled of musky man-sweat that gave the club a thick aroma that would inspire countless hard-ons. Most of the men smoked Marlboros and always Reds. The Lights were reserved for pussies. If you didn’t have a Red in your mouth, you were considered a lightweight. Some guys smoked Lucky Strike straights and they were considered the real hard-asses of the crew. They invariably had a rock hard stomach and hard pecs from working out constantly. Most had a carpet of dense hair on their chests. They all said Luckies would grow hair on your chest, so I, always wanting more hair on my chest, would occasionally buy a carton of Luckies at the post exchange.

The club would fill up with dense blue smoke, but most guys didn’t mind the smell of sweat and tobacco. After a long shift, we’d all drink beer until we almost passed out. I found myself one night outside the club, staggering back to my tent in the still-hot desert breeze. As I walked toward my waiting bunk, a familiar-looking pilot just off a sortie was walking my way.

Captain Kincaid had a form that expressed total manhood. I’d helped him strap into his A-10 often enough. I always noticed his eyes staring at my bare chest and brown and erect nipples. When he spoke to me, his eyes held onto mine a bit longer than normal. Almost six feet tall, he had a perfect v-shaped body, a broad chest tapering down to a small waist. His ass was small and looked muscular and tight. His thick thighs always strained against his flight suit. He had a smile that could melt the polar icecap. With light short-cropped brown hair and glistening green eyes, he was a pilot stud. His tight form-fitting flight suit couldn’t conceal his huge bulge below his flight suit zipper, all the more accentuated by the crossing leg straps of his ‘chute pack. He walked up to me as I was heading home. I saluted as I started to walk by. He stopped in his tracks and returned the salute and in passing said,

“Hey, corporal. I just got off a long sortie and I’m out of smokes. Can I bum one?”

I turned around and said,

“Sure, Captain, anything for you,” in an almost flirting tone. I was horny and feeling like doing more than just flirting with this manly tank-killing warrior.

I reached into my cammo’s side leg pocket, pulled out the pack of unfiltered Luckies and offered him one.

“Alright! This is a real man’s cigarette,” he said. “I usually smoke Marlboro Reds, but this Lucky ought to do the trick. Strong men like us need good strong fuckin’ smokes to get through this war, right?”

“Fuck, yeah, captain. I think you’ll like Lucky Strikes.”

I was hoping I wasn’t slurring my words too much as I still felt the beer buzz.

Intently staring into my eyes, he ran his wet tongue over his lips and then stuck the Lucky in the side of his mouth. He lifted his right arm and reached up across his broad chest to the zippered cigarette cargo pocket of his flight suit on his left arm. Unzipping it with a quick rip, he produced his coveted gold-plated Air Force Zippo. He held it out to the sodium overhead lighting, flipped it open with a “clank” and lit up. After snuffing the flame out with a quick backhanded reverse “snap,” he put the Zippo back in his side pocket and drew long on the unfiltered Lucky. The tip flared and glowed a deep red for what seemed like an unusual amount of time. He really did need a smoke; and needed one badly. He opened his mouth for a split second as I watched the dense and thick cloud of tobacco smoke being snapped back down his throat into his waiting lungs. As he exhaled the blue smoke slowly from his nostrils, he smiled slightly and said,

“These are pretty fuckin’ good, corporal. I can feel it pounding my lung tissue. This Lucky is kickin’ my ass!”

Every word from his mouth was punctuated with fresh smoke from his breath.

“Glad you like ‘em, captain.”

”Did these Luckies make all that hair grow on your chest?”

I then remembered I was still naked to the waist without my cammo blouse. I could feel my sweat rolling down my chest and stomach to my crotch. I felt my nipples tingle and harden. My nipples could stand at attention quicker than I could, especially in the presence of such a hot warrior stud.

“Well, captain,” I replied, “I think it was the Marlboro Reds. I just started smokin’ Luckies a month or so ago.”

Taking another long and deep drag, he pulled off the smoke from his mouth with his thumb and middle finger. He cupped, and almost closed, his hand over the cigarette and dropped his arm down to his side. Wisps of smoke from the burning Lucky rose up from his hand past his palm and curled around his forearm as he exhaled another thick cloud through his nose in long dense jets.

“Anything I can do for you, captain?” I said, wanting to spend some more time with this manly warrior.

“Well, actually, yeah. If you don’t mind, you can help me get out of this fuckin’ sweaty flight suit back in the pilot’s locker room. It’s hard for one guy to do it himself and I’m the last one off the line tonight, so there won’t be any extra help for me.”

“Yes, sir. I’d be glad to help you out.”

The thought of unzipping this stud of a man started my dick juices to run. I was trying to keep a hard-on from showing under my cammos, but being half-drunk, I really didn’t give a shit.

“Thanks. Follow me, corporal. What’s your name again?”

“It’s corporal Troy Abrams, sir.”

“Oh, right. Let’s go, Troy, that is, unless I’m keeping you from getting your dick dipped into some wet warm pussy tonight.”

“No chance of that, captain, but I could get into some deep shit for being in an officer’s locker and helping you out.”

“Don’t worry about it, Troy. It’s too fuckin’ late and no one else is gonna to be around. No one would give a flyin’ fuck, anyway.”

We walked to the flight building, the captain unlocked the locker room and we walked in. Captain Kincaid took one last draw on his smoke and then put the Lucky out in the sand-filled floor ashtray. I followed his smoke trail down the dimly lit hall to his locker. As he threw his helmet on the bench, he said,

“Shit, you ordinance guys always look so fuckin’ cool with your shirts off. I never get to do that. Regulations, you know.”

I noticed he was starring at my chest as he asked me for another cigarette. Since I always kept a pack of Marlboros handy, I reached into my other cammo pocket and produced a new pack of Reds.

“Care for a Red, Captain?”

“Yeah, thanks. That’s my brand. I gotta get to the post exchange tomorrow for a carton.”

I took out the fresh unopened pack, tapped it hard a few times against the back of my hand to pack the tobacco, removed the cellophane top and cracked it open. I tapped out a fresh Marlboro for him. He pulled it out of the crowded new pack and lifted the cigarette to his nose. His hand moved it back and forth slowly under his nose as he took in the sweet and heady smell of fresh Virginia tobacco.

“Fuck, corporal. This Marlboro smells so good I could eat it. This really is the United States of America’s best fuckin’ smoke. No wonder they call it ‘Virginia’s Finest.’”

“Yeah, captain, Marlboros are the best, but Lucky Strike straights come in a close second.”

“I’ll go along with that. Luckies are pretty fuckin’ sweet.”

I grabbed one of the fresh Marlboro Reds with my teeth and then reached over and put the almost-full pack in the captain’s flight suit cargo side pocket.

“These ought to hold you over until tomorrow,” I said.

“Hey, thanks, corporal. Never know when you’re gonna need a real man’s cigarette.”

He cracked open the Zippo again and thumbed the flint wheel with authority. The spark hit the fuel-soaked wick with a slight “thump” as the Zippo ignited a cool blue flame. He put the flame up to the tip of my Red and then lit his. We both took long deep drags. As he exhaled all the smoke from his nostrils he asked me in all seriousness,

“Do you think if I switch to Luckies, that this hair on my chest will get thicker?”

Poking the Red in the side of his mouth, Captain Kincaid started to unzip the front of his flight suit slowly and deliberately until it was down past his navel and to the bottom of his thick pubic hair, just above his cock. The base of his cock barely showed among the dark and thick brown pubic hair. He was facing me with his zipper open down to his crotch. He took another long drag on the Marlboro. He continued talking. With the cigarette dangling from his thick lips as it danced up and down as he spoke, he took both hands and pulled his now-unzipped flight suit wide apart at chest-level revealing his muscular pecs, abs and short and sparse light-brown chest hair. The hair was short but thick and neat. It looked like he kept it well-trimmed. You could see his nipples and abs through the chest hair.

“So, you think my chest hair is thick enough, corporal? I want to be able to get lots of pussy with this chest. Chicks love to run their fingers through it.”

“Yeah,” I said feeling my cock start to twitch. “You could probably grow more with a couple of cartons of Lucky Strike, and then you’d get all the pussy you could handle.”

Keeping the Red in his mouth, he took another deep drag and exhaled through his mouth as he spoke:

“The more pussy I get, corporal, the better. My fuckin’ nuts fill up with cum pretty quick. I usually have to jack off at least once a day or it backs up. There ain’t enough pussy around here for me to get rid of it fast enough.”

“I know what you mean, captain. My balls get pretty blue from the backup, too.”

“Hey, corporal. Help me loosen the ‘chute webbing from around my legs and unzip the back for me, would ya?”

My cock started to drip sticky juice as he turned around showing his broad back and small tight ass. I pulled the short zipper down below the back of his neck to help loosen the top of the suit. His suit was soaked and stained with sweat as I took in his aroma. The pungent smell of musk, man-sweat, jet fuel and tobacco smoke was overpowering. I reached down below his ass between his thick legs and started to undo the ‘chute webbing. Turning his head back toward me, the Red still locked in his lips, he said,

“Let me spread my legs farther apart so you can loosen up that webbing easier.”

“Thanks, that’ll help.” I said as my cock kept swelling in size and started to drip more sticky pre-cum fluid. With some effort I released the cinched webbing and the ‘chute pack. I pulled it back off from his broad back and thick legs.

He turned his head back around toward me again in a sideways glance, the burning Marlboro still in his mouth.

Squinting his deep green eyes through the rising smoke, he said,

“That’s feels a whole fuckin’ lot better.”

He turned back then turned around and faced me again.

As he pulled his right arm out of the top with some effort, it loosened up enough for him to pull out the other arm from the tight sleeves. He let the suit fall to his waist revealing his full muscular chest and thick biceps. He was covered in hot sweat. The suit tugged at his waist as he lifted his helmet off the bench and reached up to place it on top of his locker.

“Can you help me with my boots, corporal?”

“Sure thing, captain.”

He placed his foot up on the bench as I bent over and started to loosen the shoestrings of his black spit-polished boot on his right foot as he started to empty his flight suit pockets. I was about half done when he reached down with the now short burning Marlboro between his fingers, took the front zipper and pulled it all the way down slowly and gingerly past his cock and balls and underneath to the base of his nut-sac. His fat nine-inch uncut cock sprang out with a force as his beautiful round egg-shaped balls swung out from behind the zipper and dropped loosely below his dick. His rod was half-hard as it swung in front of my face. He pulled long and hard on Virginia’s Finest and exhaled a cloud of smoke down into my face while saying,

“Don’t mind my dick, corporal. It has a mind of its own.”

“Oh, I don’t mind at all, captain. We’re both men. We get hard-ons. We’ve seen hard dicks before.”

He reached back down and grabbed his large nuts and started to stretch and pull his ball-sac down.

“Goddamn, that feels good to get some air to my nuts. After being stuck in this flight suit for ten hours, these big boys need a little breeze.”

My face was ten inches from his swinging uncut cock and damp balls. I tried to ignore his ever-growing hard-on, but the man-smell from his crotch was strong and overpowering. I started to get harder and harder. My eight inches started to strain against my cammos. I was hoping he didn’t notice, but secretly didn’t care.

He pulled off his balls and grabbed his foreskin and pulled the hood back exposing a fat mushroom. I don’t know whether it was pre-cum or sweat, but his piss slit had a bead of clear liquid on it. It grew bigger and then started to drip off in a long sticky stream down from his piss hole as his cock grew larger and larger. He had smoked the Red down to the filter. Taking the last drag off the spent Marlboro, he dropped it on the linoleum floor and crushed it out with his boot

“Got another one of those Luckies, corporal?”

I stopped unlacing his boot. I looked up at him. My cock was rock hard by now.

“Sure, captain.”

I nervously reached into my other pocket, pulled out the red and black Lucky pack and shook a fresh one out for him. He took it and stuck it in the side of his mouth. He picked up his Zippo off the bench. He opened it and fired it up. I grabbed another and he lit us both up. He snapped the Zippo shut. Wrapping his lips tightly around the Lucky, he took a long deep drag and parted his lips slightly. The smoke started to escape from his mouth and rise to his nose. He let the thick tobacco smoke seep out slowly and up his sweaty and beard-stubbled upper lip as he inhaled through his nose. He took all the smoke up through his nose in one inhale and exhaled through his nostrils. I’d never seen anyone pull off a sexy French inhale like he did.

“Finish my other boot, corporal so I can get out of this monkey suit.”

I unlaced his other boot as his hard cock swung back and forth in front of my face. I wanted to wrap my lips around that hot and sweaty rod and pump it for all it was worth, but I was too shy. He stripped the rest of the suit off and he was then standing in front of me; buck-naked with a giant twitching hard on.

“You ever sucked smoke from another guys mouth?” he said.

“No, can’t say as I have,” I said nervously.

“A Marlboro tastes better that way. Maybe a Lucky would, too. Want me to show ya?”

“Sure,” I said, as I thought of having this pilot studs’ mouth over mine.

“You have to strip off you pants and underwear. This is man-to-man only.”

I obliged and ripped my pants and underwear off exposing my rock hard eight inches. I was still sweating from the heat.

“You got a nice dick, corporal. Bet you’ve worn out more than one pussy with that rod. Come over here and I’ll show you how a real man get’s a full-flavored tobacco taste.”

He starred intently at me as I stood up. He grabbed me around the waist with his thick hands and pulled me tight up against his wet hairy chest. Our tits were rubbing together as he reached down and put his cock underneath my ballsac between my legs and shoved it back between my thighs. He started to move it in and out.

“Okay, corporal, let’s grow some more hair on our chests. Open your mouth as wide as you can and I’m gonna give you some man-smoke. Suck it all in when I get my mouth on yours.

I opened wide and started to close my eyes as I saw him take a long deep draw on the Lucky. I felt his wet mouth and rough beard stubble lock over mine as he put his hand behind my head and pushed my mouth hard against his. I tasted the Lucky smoke and inhaled deeply while he blew it all down my lungs. The smoke hammered my lung tissue like a freight train. I could feel the impact in my chest, and that gave me a fresh rush of blood to my cock. I exhaled through my nose in long streams. I could taste his sweat. He darted his tongue in and out of mine. He pushed my mouth harder and harder against his. I swallowed as much of his tobacco-soaked saliva as I could. I thought I was gonna cum right then. He continued to fuck my mouth hard with his tongue.

“How’s that taste, corporal?” he said while pulling off my mouth, but keeping his slippery hard cock between my legs. I tightened my thighs around it.

“It tastes great, captain. I never knew a Lucky could taste that good.”

He spit out a piece of loose tobacco and took another deep and long drag.

My sore balls were being slammed up against his belly with every thrust of his rod. The length of his fat cock rubbed the bottom of my nut-sac with each thrust he took. My wet member, at full attention, was rubbing against his sweating and hairy abs. He pulled me tighter against him as my cockhead began to ooze more juice. The friction against his belly made me want to cum, but I held back.

“Open up again. I’m gonna blow this hot Lucky smoke down your throat. It’s gonna hit your lungs hard and make you dizzy. Hold it all in for a second and then blow it back out into mine.”

He took another hard drag and opened his mouth revealing a dense cloud of smoke that I was to suck down. He placed his mouth over mine and forced the smoke down deep into my lungs as I hungrily sucked on his mouth. The smoke from the Lucky hit my lungs with full force. I pushed the smoke back out through my nose as he pulled off. He put his lips on my nose and sucked out the last.

“Fuck, corporal! That’s gotta be the best fucking smoke I’ve ever had.”

He threw the spent Lucky on the floor. He looked deep into my eyes and grinned as he slowly started to fuck my thighs. I tightened my thick thighs around his cock. He’d held in the last of the smoke and it crept out of his mouth in short spurts as he put his mouth up to my nose and started to whisper. The strong tobacco breath was overpowering. I could feel my jizz starting to rise out of my nuts.

“Ain’t smokin’ better when you get it fresh out of a man’s lungs, corporal?”

“Oh, yeah, captain. This must be how real men do it. You really know how to smoke.”

“So do you, corporal. Suck on my tongue again.”

His breath smelled like sweet tobacco as I sucked on his tongue. I was getting close to cumming.

He continued to pound my thighs and started to speed up his thrusts. His cockhead must have been dripping a lot of pre-cum as it slid easily in and out of my legs. I could feel the crack between my legs starting to get wet.

Captain Kincaid opened his mouth and pressed it against mine. We rammed our tongues in and out as he grabbed the back of my head and forced my mouth hard up against his. Our mouths were full of smoky saliva and I sucked as much of his spit down into my guts as I could. I rolled my tongue around the wet insides of his cheeks savoring the taste. He started fucking my mouth with his tongue and shoved it so deep into the back of my throat, I felt myself start to gag. Rubbing his two-day old stubble on my lips made them burn. I felt his hand behind my head pushing me harder against his mouth. We both were perspiring profusely and the sweat running into our mouths tasted sweet and salty.

Pulling off my mouth, he stuck out his tobacco-tinged tongue and lapped-up the rivers of sweat rolling down my neck. He continued to move his tongue all over my neck tasting every drop of my salty fluid. Lifting my arm up, he buried his face in my wet and rank man-smelling armpit. He moved his tongue up and down and across the dark thick hair of my underarm and groaned as he shoved his nose hard into my pit. He sniffed and licked hard and swallowed a load of my pit sweat. Lifting his head, he opened his mouth and put it over mine so I could taste my own sweat. We exchanged spit and sweat. Lowering his mouth down to my right nipple, he clamped his teeth on tight and started to bite and chew. I arched my back a bit so he could keep his cock between my legs as he sucked and chewed my tit. I tightened and then flexed my pecs up and down pressing my hard nipple against his open mouth. I grabbed the back of his head and forced his mouth harder against my chest. He rubbed his beard roughly against it making it burn with pleasure. Chewing for what seemed like hours, he continued to shove his enormous cock in and out of my clamped thighs. It was painful as he bit hard enough to draw blood. I didn’t care. He could lick all the spilled blood off my tit if he wanted.

He pulled off my nipple and opened his mouth wide over mine and started to tongue-fuck me. I felt his back muscles and pecs tighten. He was ready to cum. His cock rammed my wet thighs harder and faster. My nut-sac and cock were sore from being slammed by his tight and flat belly. He increased the pace and I felt my cockhead start to ooze fluid. I was about ready to shoot my load. The captain tightened his grip around my waist and gave one final thrust as I felt his sticky spunk start to shoot from his piss-hole. It drenched my inner thighs. He continued to pump hard as rivers of jizz kept shooting out from his fat cock into my leg crack. It made a wet and squishing sound as I felt warm cum start to dribble down the inside of my leg. The aroma was too intense for me to hold out any longer and I spilled my nut-juice in giant spurts all over our rubbing and heaving bellies. We continued to tighten our pecs as they rubbed together in a sweaty dance of man-lust.

“Fuck, corporal,” the captain said, breathing heavily into my ear. “You shoot an awful lot of cum. Guess those nuts of yours hold more than I thought.”

“I could say the same about yours, captain.”

The captain pulled his cock out from my legs slowly. More jizz escaped and I felt it run down my thigh. He docked our dicks and put his piss-slit against mine. He squeezed his rod and it dripped more man-juice out onto my still-wet cock.

“Can I suck the rest of the juice out of your cock, captain?” I said.

“Permission granted, corporal. Get on your knees and suck the rest out.”

I got on my knees and did as I was told. I put him into my mouth as I placed my hand at the base of his cock and squeezed. His dick was covered with cum. I milked the last of whatever he had into my waiting mouth. He had a few drops more and I swallowed it. I licked all the spunk off of his cock. When I got done, he said,

“Stand up, corporal, and lick your cum off my chest. That’s an order!”

I obliged. I licked his sweaty and cum-soaked chest of any trace of moisture. My cum tasted good. I kept most of it in my mouth, not swallowing. I stood up, opened my mouth and placed it hard against the captain’s. He opened wide and our tongues met mixing the man-sweat with the nut-juice spit as he tongue-fucked my mouth. He swallowed all the saliva, sweat and cum I could give him. I shoved as much of it against his tongue as I could. He greedily sucked all of it out of my mouth. He started to suck hard on my mouth, wanting more, but my baby-juice was gone into both our bellies. My thighs were still dripping his spunk. It ran down the insides of my legs. Captain Kincaid bent down:

“Spread your legs, troop. I want to lick all my jizz from your legs.”

I spread my legs. He bent down, placed his head between my legs under my ball-sac and started to lick his cum off my inner thighs. He made loud sucking sounds as his tongue slurped up his own fresh spunk and swallowed it down into his waiting guts. He cleaned my inner thighs of his jizz. I thought he was finished as he pulled up.

“Open your mouth, corporal.”

I opened wide as he brought his mouth close to mine. He rolled his spent cum around in his mouth and then spit into my open mouth. I swallowed all of it. I opened again. He spit again into my mouth a few more times to make sure I got all of it.

“Fuck, captain, that’s the best cum I’ve ever tasted,” I said, as I swallowed the rest.

“Time for a Lucky,” he said, as I pulled the pack from my cammos.

He lit us both up with his Zippo as we both stood there naked and inhaled deeply.

“Better get dressed,” he said as he held the smoke in and released it slowly.

I started pulling my pants back on as he headed for the showers.

“You got more hair on your chest, captain,” I yelled as he headed down the hall.

“Guess you’re right, corporal. I can see it sprouting already.”

“Told ya those Luckies would do it.”

“Corporal, these Luckies are so good, I think I’ll buy a carton at the post.”

“Anytime you want help getting out of your flight suit, let me know.”

“I’ll be sure to do that, corporal.”

I watched his sweet bare ass-cheeks jiggle as he headed to the showers.

After our encounter, I never saw Captain Kincaid again, but my dick twitched at the thought of his cum-filled mouth on mine. Every time I lit up a Lucky, I thought of him.

                                           copyright 2009/Wayne Bracford















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Thanks for the comment, and I'll do a vid for you...smokin and strokin!

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hey mate, thanks for the comment!

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