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I love being watched - by females only!

I love to fuck my toy. I love going for three days without cumming, laying back on my bed. Pulling down my underwear, lightly touching my half hard cock, knowing and feeling how hard I'm going to cum.... working it softly until it gets hard, playing and teasing it slowly for about 5 or 6 minutes. If I haven't cum in at least two days, my precum will start to seep out... I love tasting my precum and will taste myself continuously during my session. My cock gets harder as I taste myself. I now begging to pump it slowly with my hand and typically I'm whimpering at this point. The pleasure is indescribable, still sensing how hard I'm going to cummmmmmm....  I put a pillow under my ass so whe I erupt I'll be able to watch it more efficiently... I stroke it slowly, fucking myself perfectly, with the perfect rythm and pressure.  I then reach for my toy and lube. I'm panting and wanting to fuck it so badly....  I put lube on the toy and ease the opening of the toy slowly over my cock. The toy has ribs inside to ad pleasure and the first push is soooooooooooo intense. It's like entering a pussy for the first time. I'm in ecstasy from then on... I can barely think. I milk my cock ever so slowly. The toy feels like it's begging for my orgasm. Gripping my cock, lube and precum oozing out the top as my cock pushes through.... I'm crying out now it's so intense. I’m at the edge of my orgasm but stop the toy from making me cum.... I fall back and rest for about 30 seconds. again I take myself to the edge.... then fall back, knowing that once I want to go over, the pleasure will be insane.... my crying and whimpering has turned into moaning and I'm on the verge of something so powerful it can't be described.... I'm now ready and begin the pounding that will rock me so so hard... I pound my cock with the toy. The slurry sound that it makes is wonderful. I'm pounding down hard on my cock... I'm not tiptoeing up to the edge.... I'm running for it and diving into it.... the first wave hits me like a ton of bricks causing me to spasm.... my eyes are open but I'm blind... I feel the first splash of cum falling on my chest. Again and again I'm rocked by the waves of ecstasy, crying out loudly with each contraction and spasm. I'm in a world that's indescribable.... still feeling the drops of cum land on my neck and chest like rain... I'm fucked.... oh god I'm fucked good....

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3 years ago

Jacking it again - yes I'm addicted
3 years ago
Jacking my cock and cumming mmmmm
3 years ago
Using my toy.. again
5 years ago
Me and my toy
6 years ago

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just mee
9 months ago
Tied up lil fox.
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Morning squirt
7 years ago
wet dildo orgasm
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Getting Fisted
5 years ago

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7 years ago

nice hypospadias cock  email us  my wife and i would love to chat and sharepics with you i have hypospadias cock too.

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