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Sex Stories; Outdoors, Public, Real-life & Fantasy

ïShe follows me down a winding trail through the fir, cedar and spruce forest to the shoreline of Georgian Bay. It is late August and the clean, translucent water is as warm as it gets. I watch her, smiling, as she happily wanders over the smooth rocks and feels the water. I admire her athletic and shapely thighs, her slender back and round ass...ï (continued in sexual interests section)

The erotic stories, such as the one that begins above, are mixtures of real encounters â the best sex for me so far, and further fantasies. The stories take place on the shores of Georgian Bay, Ontario, in a canoe, an open fire watch tower high above the forest canopy, beside a waterfall in Brazil, the Grand Canyon, and more. The stories involve former girlfriends, places Iïve worked and traveled to, and, in the realm of fantasy, fucking with couples or groups. As a park ranger I most enjoy outdoor sex, with a slight risk of getting caught in the act.

Truth is as arousing as fiction. The first story begins in the sexual interests section. More to follow. Enjoy! Get in touch!

ïHe holds my wifeïs pussy and round ass-cheeks fast against his throbbing cock, sliding his large, wet cock in her pulsing pussy and holding it there, cuming in bursts in her soft, wet, trembling pussy, again and again, with Jennifer wriggling her body, yet with her pussy pressed on his large, wet cock, trembling and cuming in repeated wavesïï

(continued in sexual interests section below)

Turn Ons

outdoor/public sex, curved waist/ass, lace/panties/bathing suit with pussy partially visible, strip-tease, wet/cuming pussy, moaning/talk, cowgirl/doggie, corset, stockings, leather, role play and, though I havenït tried it â orgy/threesome/group.


Crouching Tiger & Hidden Dragon ï I love how Ziyi Zhang takes a bath and gets fucked in the wilderness, with her lover stroking her pussy before fucking her. I like her spirit.

Catwoman & Batman sex parody ï Just bought it in Toronto. I love the curves, triangle shaped muffs and pleasured looks on the faces of the actresses. Havenït seen it yet.

The Bossï Daughter (Penthouse Letters) ï Just glimpsing Rebeca Linaresï beautiful round ass provides immense pleasure.

Coen brothers films (Big Lebowski, Fargo,..) ï They are the best!

Star Trek sex parody ï I love the first scene with the woman with beautiful thighs, sucking and stroking Spockïs large cock, gently slapping his dick on her cheek, then getting her thin gray tights torn around her pussy & muff, and watching her pussy fucked!

International films;

o Enter the Void ï A film that makes you want to fuck! I love the actressï perky breasts, eager pussy, toned curves and how she loves to fuck.

o Gone With the Woman ï No sex, but a good offbeat comedy.

o Lust, Caution ï Her pussy sure gets a workout.

o Slovenian Girl ï Her ass and thighs will make her lots of money. I donït think Iïve seen better, have you?!


Hiking, travel, swimming, canoeing & windsurfing. I live in Miami, Florida, yet often travel to Georgian Bay and Gillies Lake in Ontario.


genres: lounge, international (esp. Brazilian), acoustic, dance, new age, jazz, blues, alternative rock,...

groups: Feist, Ryan Adams, Bebel Gilberto, Norah Jones, Ryan Farish, Luka Bloom, U2, the Sundays,...


woman"s anatomy of arousal, sex at dawn, Shakespeare, Melville & Hawthorne

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