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meet tv cds for safe clean fun

Please read! before just expectin sex or anything at all from me.

NO Timewasters or fantasists (ironic) with no pics i have worked hard to get where i am today thankyou so no pic no see.

Looking for an honest partner to share fun days and nights together (maybe go out when am feelin braver) Share a bed and talk and cuddle up and fuck for hours. Would love to meeta clean decent person (are there any left<actually??) Respect a person who knows how to treat a girl.

Am still very new and nervous, but have come along way since last year. Finally had the nerve to actually put myself out there with transparency and integrity. (takes balls) <another irony...

Don"t think i have come this far to be used and left feelin degraded (unless i want to ;) becuase i"ve had enough of users haters, takers, fakers, cheaters, liars, loosers, abusers, refuses, coke users! meansters, scenesters, hipsters. loosers, creeps, psychopaths, pervs and chronic masterbators. I think ive started to compile a list of turn offs. Ok So if u ARE genuine intelligent fit and sincere + not hiding ANYTHING! then please do get in touch, would be good to get back on the horse after jumping off many years ago and not gettin back on till now. Not looking to travel just yet so u are gonna have to come to me.

Need super kinky and friendly/ trustworthy empathetic company to spend fun times and jokes. While exploring life and our passions within our hearts + not forgettin 1st and formost... our dirtiest desires ;)

Please DO NOT WASTE MY TIME, or delude urself into thinkin u can fool me, it isn"t working so evolve or revolve, buckle up and man up or whatever

So, if you have actually managed to read this far, without already

moving onto ur next unsuspecting "victim" of pray then you have more soul or more attention span than most + def a bigger heart x

SO where was I? no idea as ever! I am a jokey intelligent person, who recently is coming to terms with my own dressin and fem obsessions. And feeling of wanting to be and look like a cute emogirl. Iam calm and am very softly spoken most of the time unless u piss me off or get "fresh" or somethin...



Respect me and i"ll do the same and lets build and create trust, friendship and art together.

!!!!!!NO MORE MEN WITH WIFEYS OR GFS BFS PLEASE !!!etc looking for someone who can commit.


If you want me all to urself or want to "own" my ass think again.

I spend time and take pride in my appearance (no matter how shabby i still look lol)

I would like u to do the same, wash, shaved, fresh breath, fresh clothes. Can deal with a little dirt as we are all only animals really, another creature in the great cycle of life. (stop me before i get too spiritual on ur ass hehe.

Wanna do things properly now,

NO MORE ANXIETY DRIVEN, SECRETIVE RELATIONS. (if that"s even poss these days? I need someone whos on my wave length and that i can be sexually attracted to...

If any of this makes sense to you. ur prob on my frequency ;)

I have had to put up with ALOT and i mean ALOAD of heart ache depression, isolation, degredation, to get where i am today. So don"t piss on this bonfire cuz it aint goin out this time!!!

Namaste. All my lovers + haters you gotta love em cuz they hate that ;) good night xx gloria

Turn Ons

calm quiet relaxed and intelligent, kind and loving, gentle but firm, clean but very dirty but love kinky cd action and ana sexy hard bodied cd sissy traps, shaved and lubed and primed and hungry and willing, sexy vids that show off amatuer fine bodies and cute faces, as well as tasty asses! love anal and watching big cocks slip inside trained hungry holes, fucking and riding to to the balls hard and fast sloppin and poppin and gaping! mmm. Making some of my own vids to show off my feminine hungry bottom and wishing i had a real loving partner who i can share my passion for sex and media and photography. uk cds and ams (yet to show u how good i can look in all manner of naughty outfits and boots etc. Spanking ok if treat me nice, tights and genral fitted womens wear, legging,make up and hair (yet to do this-wanna help dress me and fuck me!? big dildo cocks buttplugs, moaning like the sissy slut girl i want to be. plenty more msg me

Turn Offs

weird cock attachment things,pegs, cbt, prolapse or generally a sickening amount of gape with equally weird objects. weird costumes and gimpish masks, don"t get me wrong i like fetish gear but not all of it turns me on. fat, hairy, old creepy guys.


trawling the internet and looking for hot cds and trans to get all sexy with while i smoke one up.

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2 years ago

Who knows what girlie fun we could have together,mmm.......Kizzy XxX.

2 years ago

Hi Gloria thx for the addy mmm love your profile n pics mmm !

2 years ago

How are you today? My name is Barbara( female), I saw your profile  and i picked interest in you, i decided to extend my greetings to you. I did have in mind that you could be a nice person. I have some thing to share with you concerning business, tell me can a foreigner make it in your country in times of business? It is my believe that there are nice people out there who can appreciate the values of friendship. Write me back if you want us to know each other more,


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