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I suck good! LOL!

"You sucked good"! This is the usual comment that I have received from straights after I have sucked their cocks! I do not know if they are telling me the truth or not. True or not, I do not divulge any information on the guys I have sucked. I prefer it that way. And its better that way. I am gay but I am not a screaming faggot. Kung sa ulam, tama lang ang timpla ko. LOL!

I am quite a reserved type of gay but I love doing extreme water sports like wakeboarding and skim boarding. This is my other personality. When I"m doing extreme water sports, it"s a do or die for me.

I also love to learn new techniques in cocksucking. LOL!

Message me here if you want to try my cock sucking skills.

Turn Ons

I LOVE Tall, Cute, Athletic Straight Guys with a nice smelly body and HUGE cocks! And a nice personality.

I also love the Moans and Groans of Men in bed. It really turns me on.

Turn Offs

Mabahong titi at katawan. Bad breath. Unsolicited rude opinion from gays. Can we just live in peace and harmony sisters? Think before we speak. This is the rule that I follow.


Anything that fancies me.


Wakeboarding and Skim boarding


House, Pop


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Sucking a 19 Year Old Straight College Student
3 months ago

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4 years ago

thanks for the comment :) appreciate it

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