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Hi, my names Josh, I"m 5"11, Black hair, Brown eyes, and Welcome to my profile...

Ask for more Detail if u wanna know more...

:o "We have a youngin in here" Hahaha, A more suiting name for this account would be notquite18. ;)

For now, My heart resides on the music Industry, I currently produce Techno and Trance Music, and many of the Sub-Genre that come along with them.

Turn Ons

Alot of things turn me on

Turn Offs

Rear end droppings. :(


Oh boy where do I start, Salt <3, The A team <3, 2012 <3, Dinner for Schmucks "Terribly funny", Nightmare on Elm Street, Jonah hex, Get him to the Greek, Maybe see it... "The human centipede" DONT SEE IT, "VERY DISTURBING" *Cough*, Splice, Kick ass, Repo Men, District 9, Avatar "Awesomeness, saw it 3 or 4 times, Hangover, Fast and Furious, Paranormal Activity, mall cop, The harry potter series, Terminator Salvation, Transformers 1 and 2, Twilight series, Saw 5, Watchmen, Gsh lol Bruno, Jennifer"s body "I LOVED IT", The wolfman, Ninja Assassin, G.I. Joe, The haunting in Connecticut, Gamer, Annnd Ill stop there, lol There are many many many many more... :) I love moves... I go very often, Nice way to socialize.


Well For starts, Movie watching, I love going to the movies.

Jacking off? A daily activity of mine. hahaha.

I like to Bmx from time to time, Or Parkour bike ride "Dangerous"


I"m gonna list em out, Hip/hop,Pop,R&B,Rock,Classical Rock, Modern Rock, Alternative Rock, and some metal... Not to much though, My ears are a bit sensitive for that. Techno, Trance, Dubstep, techno/rock, Reggae/Trance, Both Progressive and Tribal trance,Alternative Dance, Electro, Tech house, Tribal house A lil Punk Rock, Some Chinese music is good, Like with the lil instrument they play, and some country.


I don"t read too often, If i do, Its regarding music. lol

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3 years ago

웃 Hey Josh Thanks so much for the friend request! Cheers ♥
¸.-´¸.-♥´¨) ¸.-♥¨)
(¸.-´ (¸.-` ♥ HUGS ♥.-´¯`-.♥

3 years ago

For being my friend on this amazing site ;)

I wish we could put up some of the Christmas spirit in jars and open a jar of it every month :)

*•. .•* Merry Christmas 2011

_____________ __>_<_
______________Ѽ.\/ Ѽ
____________;->( ɕѼ Ҩ .
____________@.♥ '(█) ♥ *$
_________Ѽ "( ()♥t (Ѽ)o*♥*
________(█),-♥.-Ѽ _Q@,0 ɕ(█)
_____________>o*oѼ @.<
__________o`-.♥.-@""-Q '♥~@'
_______♥.'`Ѽ ♥ *Ѽ ɕҨ ‘♥ @`-.)
_____Ѽ o (█). @* '-@Ѽ; ’Q.*(█)’Ѽ
___________Ѽ -♥-'Ѽ ♥._ Ѽ
________@.♥ '*Q ♥ *(█), @.♥ '*
____.♥' @ _ ɕ♥ _.-'~♥-. @ ´(♥)`-*.o
___.(█)* ♥ ..-' (Ѽ) o *.(Ѽ) 0 *(█)`)
__________(Ѽ ) '-._♥__(Ѽ)@
_____;--♥' ♥Ҩ 0‘(Ѽ) Q o *♥ * Ѽ ♥
____ * (Ѽ)._♥__* .Q.~ ♥- ♥Ҩ. 0 () Q ♥*'.
__(█)* ♥ *‘ o * ♥ _(█)Q~ ♥Ҩ __Ѽ♥__(█)

*•. .•* and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 !!!!

5 years ago

Love the words and the faves here. An honest man with similar tastes. Hope that XTube is showing you proper love. Thanks for the hot images here. Spurting cum from California ur way!

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