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females with catheters, and female pissing, female urethra play, luv to drink the piss out of a pussy with a cath. If you were my woman your piss hole would be mine, u only piss when I drink it through a cath. I love to watch desperation, and I love women that drink beer, cause I love a drinking womans beer piss through a cath.  I'm 51 and don't need to waste my time with a woman that does not exclusively allow her pee hole to be mine.  its real simple, if ya gotta pee and you just can't till I drink it  quit worrying, I'll drink it when I get ready. 

Turn Offs

I don't hate gays, I just don't wish to bothered by gays, its their life, leave mine alone. I love women that allow me to do with their piss as i want. I cant's stand scat. Women who don't like their piss being drank, whats the problem, you make it every day several times a day and u just waste it on a toilet, It don't cost you anything to allow your piss to be drank.


Cathing my woman and watching her desperation, then drinking her piss through the cath.  Drinking my womans piss as she sleeps with a cath in her so she can wake up in the morning without having to piss like a race horse, that way I can bring her breakfast in bed without her even having to get up for anything. I clean house, wash clothes, cook, everything for a woman for whom I have total control of her piss hole.



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trying to pee bef..
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Desperate pee fro..
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Desperate pee fro..
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My first pee...
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