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Blk bottom iso well hung bareback tops!

Blk bottom iso well hung bareback tops! Well I joined this and other sites and really didn"t do much at all with it, because as my friend keeps reminding me is that I am a bit (well) to shy and I have a hang up that this would turn off most guys who would want someone with a whole lot more experience. That said I am looking and with,I think, a sensitive guy, who is dominant and in control who is into being a bareback top, perhaps we could get the ball rolling. I am from Trinidad & Egypt and currently I am a student in Los Angeles California, U.S.A.

Turn Ons

Men who are into being bareback tops, who can be gentle at first and ruff it up as we go along. Guys I can respect and admire. Guys who are fun loving and can be serious, interesting people and guys who are caring and concerned about people and the world we live in. Some one I can be genuine friends with at least and perhaps more as time is created with each other.

Turn Offs

Dildos, scat, piss, poor hygiene, inconsiderate, up-pity attitudes, blood letting, Sex with children, sex with animals, superficial people and guys with stereotypes, cookie cutter droids, which rules out a ton of people, I know. Although I am open to trying new things I don"t like the words "Kinky" and "Freak" these words seem to stem out of a Christian repressive environment. I have asked so many people what they mean by these words, over and over and over again and it seems that the working definition has a consensus meaning just what ever they like doing sexually that is out side of what is precised as acceptable social sexual practices. Every one I asked what they meant by it had a different meaning, which is not bad but it did not lend itself to an easy simple definition. That being so there was a good working understanding that it meant something different than what is expected and assumed as right sexual behavior. Well with the internet providing so many people with exposure to so many differences, what was once though of a different(weird)seems to be coming very common place.


There are a ton of them but mostly foreign films like "Fire" and "In the Realm of the Senses."


Learning to loosing up. Swimming, Fencing, Horseback Riding, Tennis.

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fucking my boy
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fucking my boy
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