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Currious astronaut exploring kinky space

I am a lonely astronaut hovering high across the sky, awaiting the assignment to the most important mission of my life. My one way journey into the known and unknown, where I finaly reach my destiny of total submission, getting enslaved for life in an extremly bizarre and unlimited kinky universe.

That is what I am born for!

I am awaiting the specific time… the coming time of mine… the time so soon ahead, where I will be chosen to explore the never ending story of unlimited bizarre- and kinkyness. There I shall find my absolutes, and finaly initate my destined submission!

I shall fully respect (meaning: always having to accept) to obey any hunger, need and/or will under the person(s) becoming my owner(s). I am however allowed to dislike anything that happens, as long as I keep serving willingly. My Owners will never becomes negotiable, and any thoughts of the opposite becomes only an impractical fantasy.

When becoming my owners totaly unlimited property, I shall live without rights of any kind, to the end of time!

So am I destined under you?

Only you will know, for now!

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